Cards, anyone?

Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone is enjoying their day!  I am looking forward to all the yummy barbequed food that is on deck for today.  

As you many know, the quilts in my first books, Fat Quarter Winners and Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts, through C&T Publishing, are named after card games.  My third book Diamond Traditions has a diamond theme to it.  So, C&T decided to create playing cards with my quilts on them.  The front of the cards is the quilt that is featured on the front of Diamond Traditions.

The Ace, King, Queen and Jack each have different quilts from my various books.  And, guess who is the joker?!  You guessed it - me!  I think that is so fun.  My friends and family have requested that I get them a deck of cards even with me as the joker.  :)

Yesterday, I received my boxes of cards.  I was so excited to see them and wanted to share with you. 

It's super cool to have your quilts made into playing cards! 

Hope everyone enjoys their day, gets to eat some great food and maybe enjoy a card game or two!


susan said…
that's pretty cool. even if the joke's on you with the Joker. LOL what a cute idea and great for gift giving.
That's a terrific idea and fun.
Anonymous said…
I love these! Will they be for sale to the public, or was it a custom gift just for you?
Helen L said…
How fun: where are they going to be available?
VickiT said…
Oh how cool to have your own cards showing off your beautiful quilt.

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