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October Projects

I have been working on some new projects this fall.  I just spend a wonderful, relaxing, and enjoyable weekend with some of my friends.  We retreated in beautiful Lake Mills, WI.  We rented a cottage, set it up with our sewing stuff, laughed, ate and had fun.  I had plenty of things that I "needed" to do but instead, I decided to do some things that I wanted to do!   View from out the front window Before all the tables, sewing machines, irons, chairs, projects and quilters. First, I decided to make ruler bags out of my new fabric and made one for each of my retreat friends.  Sue and I designed a ruler bag for my "Fit to be" series of rulers.  It is about 15" x 11 1/2", with handles and a zipper.  Here is mine.  I used Terry Atikinson's method of putting in the zipper and if you haven't done her method yet, you need to!  It makes putting zippers in so easy!  Also, I did get to work on a new pattern of Terry Atkinson's that I had picked

Quilts, Tillie and Fall

These are three of my favorite things!  First, Quilts.  As you know, designing quilts, fabric, and rulers is my business but after all this time, I still love to make quilts.  I love to choose the fabric and contemplate for hours (sometimes days) which fabrics to use, where they will go, how it will look.  Once the fabric is chosen, then my other favorite part, cutting.  I think it's the mathematician in me, the preciseness of the cutting, the neat shapes.  Then the piecing is both therapeutic and enjoyable.  I love to sit, listen to my music and piece.  The emergence of the blocks and the secondary designs when the blocks are put together is fabulous.  Once the quilt top is put together, borders are on (not my favorite but an important but not always necessary part), then it's time to send it to the quilter.  I must confess, by the time the borders are put on, I'm a little tired of looking at the quilt.  I think it's because you focus so hard on the quilt, putting ev