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Sample Blocks

Does anyone make sample blocks?  I sure do!  There are two different times that I make a sample block. First, I create a sample block when I'm designing a pattern and I want to make sure that my sizes and instructions are correct.  Usually I make it out of scrap fabric but on occasion I like to make the sample block into something.  For example, I created a sample block using the center of the quilt that I designed for Craftsy, called Frequency Quilt Kit .  If you click the link, it will take you to the kit and pattern available through Craftsy. Here is my sample block of the center of Frequency that I made into a table topper. The other time that I make sample blocks is when I get the fabric in and want to see how the fabrics work together (and I'm also excited about the quilt and HAVE to see a block!) Let me know if you make sample blocks and what you do with them.  I'm always curious as to how people go about making their quilts. Thanks for stopping by!

Social Media

Where have you been, you say???  Well, I've been on Facebook and Instagram.  You can check me out on those sites with the following links: Facebook:  Open Gate Quilts Instagram: @opengatequilts Open Gate has been busy.  We have a new website , have been very active with Facebook and Instragram as well as traveling to teach and lecture.  To see where I'm going to be, check out my Facebook page and Instagram.  Next week, we're off to Quilt Market in St. Louis, MO.  Although, I won't have a booth, I'm going to be walking the show and seeing what's new.  It's always fun to catch up and see what's new in the quilting world.  One of the other things that I have been doing is working with Craftsy . I have been designing lots of quilts for their new fabric, Boundless Fabrics.  It's been a lot of fun and wonderfully challenging.  Love it!  Here is one of my newest quilts on their website, Frequency .  They offer the pattern and kits at great prices!