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American Patchwork & Quilting

Do you get American Patchwork & Quilting?  If you don't, you need to start getting it!  It is one of my favorite quilting magazines.  For several reasons.  First, they always have a wide variety of quilt patterns to choose from.  They will put in everything from applique to modern quilts to traditional quilts.  I love the tip section and editor's article. Oh, one more thing, I have a quilt in the June, 2013 issue!  :)  The quilt is called Garden Stroll and I used the line Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs for Moda.  Here is a picture of it: Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. I used one main background and borders.  The rest is scrappy using reds, greens and pinks.  I love the springy look it has. So, pick up your copy on the newstand if you haven't already received yours in the mail. Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corp

Blogger Girls BOM Sashing/Finishing

Hi Everyone! As promised, I am posting the Blogger Girls BOM Sashing/Finishing Instructions.  You can download them off my website under the Blogger Girls BOM Finishing Instructions . To make the square-in-a-square blocks, I used the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion .  It's the same process as the pieces from Block #3 from earlier this month. First, make the cornerstones by using the large 5 1/2" squares and cutting of the corners using the Companion ruler. Next, sew the triangles of light to the two cut off corners as shown. Trim to 51/2" using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5. Repeat the process of trimming the two sides using the Companion, sew on the triangles and square to 5 1/2".   You will do the same thing for the sashing by using the smaller squares and triangles.  Note that the medium square in a square block, the seams are pressed in towards the center square. Sew the sashing together and make the appropriate numb

Fit to be Flipped?

Hope everyone is having fun working on their block of the month blocks!  I will be posting the finishing instructions later this week.  I wanted to address the questions that were asked about the Fit to be Flipped ruler.  First, very observant girls!!  Fit to be Flipped was the original name for Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion.  The reason that I originally named it that is because it was designed for trimming flip corners.  I changed the name because the ruler does much more than just flip corners.  It is exactly the same as the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 as you can see by the picture.  I grabbed the wrong ruler when I was demoing!  :) So, sorry, no new ruler yet but you never know!  Have a great day and tune in later this week for the finishing instructions which includes the sashing. 

Blogger Girls Block of the Month - Block 3

It's March 1st and it's time for Blogger Girls Block of the Month block #3 .  It's hard to believe that we are on block 3 already!  I am planning on posting the finishing instructions in the middle of the month, around the 15th, so make sure you check out the posting. Don't forget to check out the other blogger's post on block #3.  Here are the participants: Sherri from A Quilting Life - Thelma from Cupcakes ‘n Daisies ~ Lissa from Moda  Lissa  ~ Denise from Quilter’s  Window ~ Nicole from Sister’s Choice  ~ Lisa from Stashmaster ~ Also, if you haven't been checking on flickr, make sure that you do!  Thanks to those who have posted their blocks on flickr.  I just love to see what everyone is using for their block fabrics. Here are the two versions of block #3: We are using the Fit to