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Craftsy Sale!

Craftsy is having an awesome sale!  50% off classes.  What a deal!  If you have been eying a class that interests you, then this is the time to buy it!  With such a great deal, how can you lose?  I'd love to hear what classes you are interested in taking.  Also, what classes are you thinking would be great for Craftsy but don't see them.  I'm always interested in developing new classes and your feedback is essential! Here is the link for the big sale: This is my class at Craftsy Let's see, other news.  Next weekend begins my busy season of traveling and teaching.  I am going all the way from Missouri to Minnesota to Michigan.  I'm doing the "M" tour!  I'm so excited to get on the road and meet the wonderful people that make quilting such an awesome and inspirational art! I also wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and sympathy for the loss of my husband.  You have no idea how your

More Quilts for Sale!

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for the kind comments and emails about my husband.  It is a long mental recovery and since I started quilting again, I'm starting to feel SO much better!  I have more quilts for sale, here we go: "Star Search" as seen in American Patchwork & Quilting, June, 2012 issue.  $350.00 plus shipping.  Quilted by the ultra talented LeAnne Olson.  51 1/2" x 63 1/2".  Fabric line used:  Memories of Provence by Monique Dillard with Maywood Studio (my second line of fabric.)  Signed magazine Included.  "Linked Together" as seen in American Patchwork & Quilting, August, 2010 issue.  $350.00 plus shipping.  Quilted by my good friend and awesome quilter, Sue Glorch.  61" x 61".  Signed magazine included.  "Reflections" as seen in American Patchwork & Quilting, 2011 Calendar, month of June.  $350.00 plus shipping.  Quilted by LeAnne Olson.  60" x 68 1/2"  Signed Instructions and Patte

Quilts and other info

It has taken me a long time to formulate how to write this blog.  First, not to worry, I'm still going to be designing and making quilts. However, after many years of illness and suffering, my husband passed away in March.  We had a terrible fall and winter.  He was re diagnosed with cancer last summer.  Needless to say, my motivation and drive has been almost non-existent.  Although I am still very sad and miss him terribly, I want to start working and getting back to designing.  One of the things that I have decided is that I need to sell some of my quilts so I can keep making more!  I have lots of quilts and although I use many of them for trunk shows and lectures, I am going to sell those that I'm not using. This is how it will work.  I will blog about the quilts that I want to sell and if you are interested in purchasing one, contact me by email and we can discuss it.  This will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Once everything is set, I will send you an invoic

Blogger Girls Block of the Month II Finishing

Another Block of the Month is done.  Sad but exciting too.  You can link the finishing instructions here:  Blogger Girls Block of the Month II Finishing .   Since you have already seen my finished quilt (pictured here) make sure you check out the participating bloggers quilts.  Sherri from A Quilting Life - JoAnne from  A Patriotic Qulter - Lissa from Moda Lissa ~ Denise from Quilter’s Window ~ Jodi from Pleasant Home ~ Thanks for joining us!

Blogger Girls Block of the Month II Block 6

Hi Everyone! Good to have you drop by.  It's time for Block #6.  I'm in shock that we are already on the last block!  This month, I am going to give you Block 6 and the setting block so you can work on them both.  July will be our last month and the finishing instructions will be included for you then. Block #6 - Lissa's Block For the center, first you need to cut off the corners using the Fit to be Quarter Companion. Sew on the corners and trim using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5.  Repeat with the other side by cutting the corners off as before.  Sew on the triangles and trim. Next, make you flying geese as directed and trim using the Mini Fit to be Geese.  Sew them together. Make your 1/2 square triangles and sew them together with the 1 1/2" squares, as shown. Sew the block together in 3 rows.  Press as directed. Here is Block 6 Version 2: Now, lets move on the alternate blocks . You will need to make flip corner units using the

Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block 5

Happy May Day!  Does anyone celebrate that anymore?  I have a picture of my mom when she was little in her May Day dress.  So Cute! Well, it's time for the next block.  You are in luck, this month we are doing 3 blocks.  If you did the math, there are actually 13 blocks instead of 12 so I had to triple up on one of the blocks.  It happens to be Denise's block because it was so versatile!  I did change one part of her block for the 3rd version to add some interest to it.  Click here to download instructions:  Block 5 . First, make your 1/2 square triangles. Square to the correct size.  Note that you will make 2 of each color and you will only need 1 so you can save them or use them for another project.   The trickiest part of the block is making sure that you have your flying geese made with the correct dark on the correct side.  There are 4 different flying geese and you make 2 of each.  Make sure that you follow the diagrams to make sure you have them correct. As be


Hi Everyone, Because of some personal reasons, I am taking a break from writing my blog.  As you probably have seen from my recent blogging, this has been going on for a while.  I will still be posting the Block of the Month blogs and will finish that out.  After that, I will continue to take a break.  Sorry to disappoint everyone and hope you understand. Thanks for being such loyal and wonderful readers!

Blogger Girls Block of the Month II - Block 4

Time for the 4th block of the Blogger Girls Block of the Month.  Have you been keeping up?  Hope you are enjoying the blocks! Here's block 4 - Jodi's Block.   Follow Jodi through her blog: First, trim of the two top edges of the 2 1/2" squares using the Fit to be Quarter Companion, as shown.   Sew the triangles on the two trimmed edges.  Press out. Trim the the top and side off, lining up the 2 1/2" on the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 ruler. Rotate and trim the last side.  Make 4. Make your 1/2 square triangles and square to 1 1/2".  Make 8. Sew the corners together as shown. Sew the block in 3 rows.  Press per directions. Repeat to make Block 4, Version 2 changing colors as shown. Don't forget to check out other participating blogger's posts to see their versions: Sherri from A Quilting Life - JoAnne from  A Patriotic Qulter - Lissa

Blogger Girls Block of the Month II - Block #3

Happy March!  Here's hoping March's weather will be a bit less cold and snowy here in the midwest.  It's time for block 3 and here it is. This block is designed by Sherri from A Quilting Life .  If you don't know, Sherri is a very talented designer and is a wonderful, sweet lady.  Hope you enjoy making her block. Block #3:  Sherri's Block The first thing that we do is make our flying geese with the main background and red.  Once you have 4 flying geese made, trim them using the Mini Fit to be Geese ruler.  The nice thing about the Mini Fit to be Geese ruler is that you can trim two sides at once.  Line up the roof top of the ruler along the seams.  Trim two sides.  Rotate, line up the cut edge with one side and the bottom with the 2 x 3 1/2" mark on the ruler.  Complete all 4. Make 4 half-square triangles using the light and the green, squaring up to 2".  Put them together to form the center. Sew the block together in rows and there