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Book Tour

Well, it's been a week since I received my copy of the book and it still feels awesome to have it!  I never knew how much I would like it.  I was teasing my brother, who always brings me back to earth - like brothers tend to do, about my "manuscript" and that I wrote a non-fiction book.  He put me right back in my place!  Thanks, Mike!!  He also calls me a "Mathlete".  I will take that as a compliment! Meanwhile, my wonderful friends, Nicole , Thelma and Lisa are doing a blog book tour for Fat Quarter Winners!  Yeah!!  How it will work is that it will start next week and each of us has a day to show our progress, work on different techniques and blog about the tour.  We are all doing different quilts for the tour so you can see how the original looks compared to the new quilts that we make.  There will also be drawings for give-aways so make sure you check out each blog.  I have been auditioning fabrics for my quilt and think I have it narrowed down.  Will h

Fat Quarter Winners!

Today, I finally received my copy in the mail!  I am so excited.  I have been waiting for almost 2 years to see this come together.  C&T Publishing sent me a copy along with a disc of the quilts in the book.  Here are some that I haven't posted yet.  Hope you like them as much as I do.   Whist  Speed I should be receiving the copies to sell by the end of March, they tell me.  So, if you want to pre-order a book, I have it on my website.  I will even sign it, if you want.  Here is the link:  Fat Quarter Winners Also, C&T sent me a beautiful basket of flowers as a congratulations on my book!  It really makes me feel like an author and very special that they did that!  Thanks, C&T!!  Aren't they beautiful? Talk to you later this week.  Thanks for stopping by.

Star Puppy

T hat's what they call a puppy who passes the puppy kindergarten class.  Guess what!?!  We passed!!  I was so proud of her last night!  She did everything that she was supposed to and made me proud.  I was more nervous than she was but she showed how much she had learned and how great she can be!  We had a celebration after and each puppy got a certificate, treats and a toy.  The instructor put the toys in a pile in the middle of the ring and each puppy got to pick which one they wanted.  So, she would announce the owner and the puppy and everyone would clap and they would go get there certificate and get to pick their toy.  It was the cutest thing, each puppy went up, picked their toy and walked away.  They just knew which one they wanted.  Puppies are the best!  Here are some pictures of Tillie during her test.   Tillie giving her instructor som