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Majestic Garden in Quiltmaker Magazine

If you are a subscriber or picked up the latest issue of Quiltmaker Magazine, you may have seen my quilt, Majestic Garden.  It is featured in the March/April, 2013.  I am so thrilled to be included once again in their magazine!  I designed this quilt using the purples and blacks of my latest fabric collection, Royal Gardens .  I love the contrast that you get when you combine the darker colors with the lighter background.  It is so elegant and striking!  Another interesting thing about this quilt is the play of the blocks together.  The magazine includes different examples of using the same block and either changing the colors or rotating them to get completely different looking quilts.  Make sure you pick up your copy to see these options. I hope everyone has been enjoying making their first Blogger Girls Block of the Month blocks!  I know that I have really enjoyed seeing them.  My friend, Kathy and I have been making another version of the quilt using Double Chocolat by Moda

Sweet Maple

We have a 13 year old Old English Sheepdog named Maple.  She is a sweet old dog and I love her to bits.  It seems like I always talk about Tillie because she is young and full of energy.  (as I'm writing this, I had to take a break to take her outside to play!)   Maple lays back and just hangs out with us.  She gets lots of attention even with Tillie around!  She comes outside to keep Tillie and I company when I play ball with Tillie.  She proceeds to bark the whole time letting everyone know that she is outside with us!  Here are some pictures of my sweet Maple:  Maple at 6 years old  Glory and Maple (front) at 10 years old  Maple (front) with Glory at 9 years old  Maple and Tillie  Maple with Tillie who adores her big sister! One of the reasons that I bring up Maple is because I just got my copy of Quilt Almanac 2013 and one of my older quilts, Sweet Maple , is featured.  The quilt was redone using my fabric line, Royal Gardens.  My friend, Kat

Questions & Comments

Hi! Well, the Block of the Month has been going so great!  Thanks for all the comments, questions and suggestions.  Don't forget to check out Flickr in Blogger Girls BoM group.  It's so inspirational to see everyone's blocks!  It makes me so proud and excited to see them!!  I've had lots of people show great interest and a few questions have come up.  The first question is whether the block background and the light for sashing are the same fabric.  I did use the same fabric for both.  The follow up question for that was why is there so much fabric for the light for sashing?  There is quite a bit of piecing involved and there are 31 sashing pieces.  So, although I give you a bit extra to work with, a cushion, it does require quite a bit.  The second question is: Will I post the finishing instructions before the end of the block of the month?  Again, there is quite a bit of piecing so I have decided to post it sometime in March.  I understand that people will be a

Email sign up

Hi Everyone! I have had such great response for the Blogger Girls Block of the Month.  Thank you so much!!  I am so excited about this project!  As the month goes by, I will be giving updates on the questions, comments and pictures from everyone. One of the questions that I had is if I could set up an email feed so when I post a blog, you are notified.  I think (cross your fingers) that I set it up correctly.  It is on the right side of this blog.  This is my test because I signed up myself and want to see if it works.  Also, I have been posting my new blogs on Facebook and you can sign up to receive updates through there.  Button on right side too. The other question that I had was about fabric and how do you go about using it for the block of the month.  This is a great question and here is both Nicole's from Sister's Choice's  and my response: Question from reader: Dear   Nicole,   I'm a lurking devotee of your blog (as well as other quilting and knitting

Blogger Girls Block of the Month - Block #1

It's finally here!  Time for the Blogger Girls Block of the Month, block #1.  Click on this link to get the block instructions:  Block #1   I have set up a page on my website for the instructions and pictures. Here is Version 1 using Royal Gardens:  Here is Version 2 using Royal Gardens The cutting and instructions are designed to use the Fit to be be Geese ruler and this is the first step in making the block. Sew the red triangle onto the brown triangle with the bottom aligned.  Press out.  Sew the other red triangle on in the same manner and press out. Line up the roof line of the ruler along the seam and trim the top.  The 1/4" is already built in. Rotate the piece and line up the 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" black line on the bottom of the flying geese where you just trimmed.  Trim the top. Rotate the ruler and sandwich the piece between the 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" red lines with the center red line going through the seam.  Trim. Rotate the p