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Well, the Block of the Month has been going so great!  Thanks for all the comments, questions and suggestions.  Don't forget to check out Flickr in Blogger Girls BoM group.  It's so inspirational to see everyone's blocks!  It makes me so proud and excited to see them!! 

I've had lots of people show great interest and a few questions have come up. 

The first question is whether the block background and the light for sashing are the same fabric.  I did use the same fabric for both.  The follow up question for that was why is there so much fabric for the light for sashing?  There is quite a bit of piecing involved and there are 31 sashing pieces.  So, although I give you a bit extra to work with, a cushion, it does require quite a bit. 

The second question is: Will I post the finishing instructions before the end of the block of the month?  Again, there is quite a bit of piecing so I have decided to post it sometime in March.  I understand that people will be anxious to work on it.  I think it's a great idea and that way, it will give everyone a chance to start working on it so when July comes along, we can do a big reveal!  Won't that be fun!?

The question that I had posted last week was about color and fabric choices.  Shelley and Nellie were kind enough to post her suggestions in a comment:

From Shelley:  Sometimes it's helpful if you can look at the value of the fabric, the tone of the color, ie. light, medium, dark, to help in choosing. Is it possible to print out a copy of the block in black and white to see the different values? I think in the end, especially if you are using a collection of fabric, it will all work out.

From Nellie:  I recently completed the Craftsy BOM and chose batik fabrics with black as my neutral. I found that I could add fabric indefinitely because there are so many batiks to select from. So my suggestion, is to pick something 'generic' especially if you are a beginning quilter, for example: calicos, dots, 30's era fabric, etc. that way you can always add a new fabric but it will still fit in your quilt.

Both awesome suggestions!

Until later, have a great week!

New Picture of Tillie


Sharon said…
I can't wait to do the block. I've been so busy with finishing up baby quilts. Now I have the time this weekend, I think!
susan said…
Tillie is the cutest!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for doing the block of the month, I have never done one online before, I am pretty excited. I do not have a blog but I follow several and I always love yours. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, tips and tricks. And by the way I LOVE your rulers! Robin said…
I just want to take the time to tell you your Mezzamine quilt is by far the best one yet-I purchsed my first quiltmaker magazine and fell in love with this-I even went so far to go online to by the fabric you used in this quilt to be used as Christmas present for my granddaughter-

Quiltmaker sent me here

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