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Craftsy Sale!

Craftsy is having an awesome sale!  50% off classes.  What a deal!  If you have been eying a class that interests you, then this is the time to buy it!  With such a great deal, how can you lose?  I'd love to hear what classes you are interested in taking.  Also, what classes are you thinking would be great for Craftsy but don't see them.  I'm always interested in developing new classes and your feedback is essential! Here is the link for the big sale: This is my class at Craftsy Let's see, other news.  Next weekend begins my busy season of traveling and teaching.  I am going all the way from Missouri to Minnesota to Michigan.  I'm doing the "M" tour!  I'm so excited to get on the road and meet the wonderful people that make quilting such an awesome and inspirational art! I also wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and sympathy for the loss of my husband.  You have no idea how your