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Blogger Girls Block of the Month II Block 6

Hi Everyone! Good to have you drop by.  It's time for Block #6.  I'm in shock that we are already on the last block!  This month, I am going to give you Block 6 and the setting block so you can work on them both.  July will be our last month and the finishing instructions will be included for you then. Block #6 - Lissa's Block For the center, first you need to cut off the corners using the Fit to be Quarter Companion. Sew on the corners and trim using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5.  Repeat with the other side by cutting the corners off as before.  Sew on the triangles and trim. Next, make you flying geese as directed and trim using the Mini Fit to be Geese.  Sew them together. Make your 1/2 square triangles and sew them together with the 1 1/2" squares, as shown. Sew the block together in 3 rows.  Press as directed. Here is Block 6 Version 2: Now, lets move on the alternate blocks . You will need to make flip corner units using the