Best Laid Plans...

Well, as you can see it's been a while since I've blogged last.  I have been to Missouri, through Illinois and then to Indiana in the last week.  I left last Thursday to teach at a retreat in Brunswick, MO at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop.  This was their second annual Sew Sweet Event.  This year they had 3 teachers teaching and asked if I would join them.  I did and I had an awesome time!  I taught two different classes, Victoria Rose and Marquis from my latest book, Diamond Traditions.  All my students were so much fun and seemed to enjoy the class.
Marquis class showing their blocks

Saturday night, I did a talk/trunk show for the group.  I brought a bunch of different quilts to show and then did some demos of my rulers. 

Jessica and Jeanette, who ran the retreat did an awesome job.  They had great food, lots of fun giveaways and had some photo ops for us.  Here is a picture of me with two of my new friends getting into the tropical theme!
After I left Missouri, I traveled through Illinois to teach my next class at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN.  It was the first annual sewing event and I taught a class on Monday and Tuesday morning.  The university has a new sewing lab and we got to use it for the retreat.  Fun!  I taught Quilter's Window
So, are you wondering about the "Best Laid Plans..."  I had mentioned that I am going to start a sew along on August 1st?  Well, I am not quite sorry!  It has been a busy month and although I have quite a bit of the quilt done, it's not complete and the instructions are in the beginning stages.  So, I have decided to wait until September 1st to begin.  I plan on showing you the quilt and giving the fabric requirements by the 15th of August.  Here is a sneak peak of the the fabric that I'm using:
Don't forget that I will be taking off the Blogger Girls Block of the Month instructions on August 1st.  Once they are off, it is done.  So, make sure that you download them and print them before then.

One more thing.  C&T Publishing sent Minick and Simpson some of the Diamond Traditions Playing Cards because I used their fabric for the cover quilt for the book and cards.  They are having a giveaway of a pack of cards until tomorrow.  There blog is: so head on over and enter for the drawing. 

Have a great weekend and will see you next week!


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