Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block #4

Happy April Fool's Day!  I won't pull any tricks on you and I will give you the block!  Hope everyone had a nice Easter and are ready to sew your next block. Click on the link to get the instructions:  Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block #4.  Note that on step 6, square to 8 1/2", not 6 1/2".

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Block #4, version 1:
Block #4, version 2:

Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block #4:

First, sew the triangles together to go on your center square.  For block 4, version 1, make sure that you sew mirror images.  For block 4, version 2, make the triangles look all the same to create a pinwheel.

For Block 4, Version, 1 center
For Block 4, Version 2, pinwheel center

On the back of your center square, draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner.

Trim, using the Companion ruler to cut off the corners.

Match the seam from the triangles from the first step to the diagonal marks.  Press towards the center.  (I know it is awkward but you will be happy when you sew on the flying geese.)

Sew on both sides and trim, using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5.

Trim of the corners, using the companion and sew the remaining two triangle sets to the center. Square using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5.

Make 4 flying geese, two with the red and two with the black (here I used brown).  Follow the directions in the instructions and the Fit to be Geese ruler.
Sew the center together using the center, the 4 flying geese and 4 squares of main light.
Sew 8 flying geese with the red and the black with 4 mirror images of the other 4.  Also, for the first red that you sew onto your main light, press towards the light.  Again, this will help you when you put your block together. 

Sew the block together using the 8 flying geese, the center and the remaining 4 main light squares.

Here is Kathy's version:
Don't they look different!?  So cool!

Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys working on their blocks!


Carol said…
Another great block to make! I am sew glad that I bought the rulers that make constructing these blocks such a breeze!
Thanks Monique for a wonderful Block of the Month project!
Anonymous said…
I just finished my two blocks for this month and enjoyed them so much! I'm getting great practice with all this piecing - I didn't even have to square it up much at the end - it came out perfect! Thanks for the wonderful tools!

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