Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block #2

Can you believe it's been a month since the last block?!  Well, it's February 1st and it's time for block # 2.  Hope everyone is enjoying the block of the month and checking out both flickr and the other participants.  Just as a reminder, here they are:

Sherri from A Quilting Life -
Thelma from Cupcakes ‘n Daisies ~
Lissa from Moda  Lissa  ~
Denise from Quilter’s  Window ~
Nicole from Sister’s Choice  ~
Lisa from Stashmaster ~

Here is Block #2, version 1 using Royal Gardens:

 Here is Block #2, version 2 using Royal Gardens:

The first thing to do is to make 1/2 square triangles.  I make them by drawing a diagonal line on the back of the light from corner to corner.  Then I place the light on the dark and sew 1/4" out from the center line.  Cut on the line, press towards the dark and square to the correct size using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 ruler.  I like to oversize my pieces so that I can square them up to the right size.

Next, sew these pieces to the rectangles of light that you have cut.  Rotate the resulting pieces and sew together.  Clip the piece in the center on the back 1/4" in to the seam so that you can press one side up and one side down.  I picked up a handy little pair of scissors at my friend, Denise's shop, Quilter's Window.  They are called Marry J's Original 1/4 Quilters.  They are super cool and clip right to the seam at 1/4".
On the back of the piece, draw a 45 degree angled line from the top left corner to the bottom right but not in the corner.  It will be in about 1/2" from the end.  Make sure that you watch where your seams cross on the 1/2 square triangle.  Place the marked piece on the rectangle of the other dark.  Sew on the drawn line, cut a 1/4" in from the line and press towards the other dark.

Sew the triangles cut from the background as shown.  Trim even to make another triangle.

Sew the large triangle to the piece and press.  Square to the correct size.  

Draw a diagonal line on the back of the remaining squares of the darks and place on the piece you just made.  Sew on the drawn line, cut to 1/4" and press.  Repeat to make 4 units with opposite darks on each other.  Note on the sample below, I am showing the reverse as the above samples.  
 Sew the 4 units together to make your quilt block and there you go: Block #2!
 Here is Version 2 made by my friends Kathy:

 Make sure that you check everyone's blog out and also the blocks on flickr.  Enjoy and have a great time working on your blocks!


SasNi said…
The block is so beautiful, can´t wait to sew it.
Thanks for the block.
Sheila said…
I have been hanging out for this, thank you

susan said…
The blocks are beautiful but I am apparently lost in space. What are the "correct" sizes and cutting measurements.
gailss said…
Wow...really nice block and go so well together with last months blocks.
Lesley said…
Love block 2...both versions are so pretty!
Strlady said…
I never made that block that way, so it will be a new experience. I finally chose the fabric I plan to use (Maison de Garance by FG). Now I need to make 4 blocks in Fbruary to be all caught up.
Abby said…
I've been counting down the days for the next block! I love this pattern so much I might start 2 other quilts in different fabrics. I LOVE your chocolate version and love how you're using different backgrounds. Would love to see a picture of all your blocks together! Thanks for the pattern they are great!
Just Ducky said…
Did I miss something somewhere. I cannot find cutting instructions for this block.
Anita said…
Thanks for another beautiful block!
Nancy: said…
I love the block. However you say cut to the right size, but what is the right size?
Judy said…
This block is great! I am one behind but I think I can get caught up. Thanks
Julie C. said…
I was a bit confused at first also. But, I found the instructions by clicking on the button in the sidebar that will take you to the main BOM page and it has a link to the instructions for months 1 and 2.
souixzea said…
Thanks for the new block, it was so interesting to make; I noticed that the next to last step looked almost like the Bear Paw block but you got there in a completely differently way! Can't wait for the next one.
Carol said…
I have finished my blocks and what a great way to make this block! It went together perfectly! Thanks for this wonderful Block of the Month sew-along!
Grandmasewnsew said…
Hi. I saved block one in Adobe and am trying to do the same with block 2. I love these but am in the middle of another project at the moment. I can't seem to find the download for this block. Can you help?
By the way, just LOVE these and am looking forward to this as my next project. Thank you!

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