Irish Quilting Magazine

It's no secret that I love Ireland.  I think it's so beautiful and inviting.  When Sue and I visited, we saw so many wonderful things, met some great people and enjoyed the breath taking scenery.  There was so much inspiration in the colors and the scenery.

A couple of years back, I received a request for advertising in Irish Quilting magazine.  I emailed them back and asked if they were interested in having some submissions for there magazine instead.  They were and the rest is history!  The first quilt that I designed for them is Blue me Over.  Here is a picture:

The latest quilt that I designed for them is called Fields of Green.  I love the way they photograph the quilts in the surrounding countryside.  Wouldn't that be an awesome job?!  Traveling around Ireland to photograph quilts?  Hmm...I wonder if they have an opening?!  Here is Fields of Green and we do have both the kit and magazine available on

Have a great day and see you later!


Beautiful quilts Monique! The house with the thatched roof was fun to see too!
Candace said…
I'd take that job in a flash (wink)! And I'm half Irish, too! I love your quilts, Monique, such an honor to be included!
Truffle queen said…
Absolutely beautiful! No Irish blood here - but if you live anywhere in the Chicago area - there's one day a year when everyone's Irish!

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