Drama Queen or Old English Sheepdog?

As I told you earlier this week, Tillie was getting shaved.  Thelma had commented on Old English Sheepdogs being low maintenance.  Actually, they are high maintenance and require a lot of brushing.  Because Tillie is so jumpy, she is impossible to brush.  So, we have to get her shaved.  Their hair is very thick and mats up instantly.  I'm sure that if we had her groomed every 3-4 weeks, she would be fine but with Tillie it is almost impossible. 

We have a mobile groomer that comes to the house.  She is an angel and we love her!  Before we found her, it was so traumatic to take the dogs to the groomer and it was an all day affair.  I would drop them off in the morning and pick them up late in the day.  Bill and I would be anxiously waiting to pick them up and by the time we got there to pick them up, we would all be stressed.  With Maple getting older, it was so hard on her to be there all day so when we found our mobile groomer, we were so happy!

This was Tillie's first time getting groomed.  She went in just perfectly, like a little lady.  Then around a half hour later, we get a knock on the door.  The groomer has Tillie with her and says, she started to freak out and would not let me finish her head.  Bill and I tried to get the muzzle on her so she could finish her up but no luck.  She cried, screamed, bucked, bit, whatever she could to get us away from her.  The groomer patiently waited outside while we worked with her.  Finally, Bill went outside with her and was talking to the groomer.  We decided not to do the muzzle and put the leash back on her.  I literally pinned her down, grabbed her muzzle and put the collar on her...can you believe this sweet, innocent dog would do that?
Well, she did!  Anyway, the groomer finally got her back into the trailer and finished trimming her.  After another 15 minutes, she returned with this dog...Tillie, you say?  Well, yes, this is her. 

Can you believe that this is the same dog?!  I generally like the dogs when they have more hair but she does look cute and you can really see her expressions more. 

I just keep telling myself, she will grow out of this, right?!  We love her but she sure is a drama queen!  Thank goodness she is so cute!

Have a great weekend and see you Monday for the Pat Sloan interview.


Sequana said…
Not that it was any fun to YOU, but the rest of us are laughing hard at that last pic.

It really is unbelievable.

pcflamingo said…
She needs a scarf around her neck so she knows she's pretty! Our dog Max would always get a hippy tie-dyed scarf after being at the groomer's and he would just prance around because he knew he was a pretty boy.
Candace said…
Oh Tillie - you're a new woman! Now she can dress up and really be noticed! What an ordeal, but I'm so glad she got through it!
Thelma said…
Cooper got his summer haircut on Wednesday, I know he feels better but I sure prefer it when he has longer curly hair....Cooper looks like a big hairy monster compared to Tillie, now that's a summer haircut!! She definitely lost her puppy hair. I bet she feels great! I'm sure she'll be better next time, if you can talk the mobile groomer into coming back!

Thanks for the update.
Oh my gosh, she looks so ... are you sure it's her??? LOL She looks adorable, and inquisitive! The first time I had my Schnauzers shaved down, the groomer brought me the wrong dog out.I kept telling them that I didn't think this was my Friskie and she assured me it was, she just looked different because she didn't have her Schnauzer cut. "But" said I to the groomer, "she didn't have this 'sticky outy' thing on her belly, nor did she have testicles when we brought her in" and I wanted to know what their secret was??? True story! Needless to say we changed groomers! However, I have never had any dogs that misbehaved at the groomer so you have my sympathy. We have been very lucky that way. But I was so glad to read in your post how stressed YOU get when they are there. Friskie is older and has tumors and very painful hips and her sister Sadie who we rescued from and abusive home has to have lots of love...I worry horribly when they are there, even though the groomer we have now is excellent. I just can't help it, I worry. I have thought about a mobile groomer and your story has encouraged me to try to find one. Hugs...
Strlady said…
Here are my thoughts on Tillie's reaction.
I'm thinking that she got wind of what really happens at the groomers. Maybe she is even a bit pyshic and could forsee what would happen at the groomers.
Because I don't care what anyone else says, that face does not say "Gosh Mom, I'm so happy I don't have to carry all that hair around this summer". It's more of a "I can't believe you did this to me" face.
Kids never know what's good for them! LOL!
Hope you have better luck at getting her to behave on her second trip to the groomers. Our trips got less stressful as she got older.
Brooke said…
Ha! That photo rather cracks me up. I do like her summer do, and I bet by fall her fuzzies will be back.
Anonymous said…
The first haircut is the worst. Our dog looks forward to his spring haircut. He knows when we get the clippers out that its time. He just lays there now when we used to do him sections as he would not sit there. Your dog looks cute with the summer cut and is probably very happy with it now with our hot weather.
Diane from IA
BuggletQuilts said…
I love her expression. What a ham. Our OES, Misha, would flip out about her head and feet being shaved. As a joke one time, my dad put the muzzle on her upside down, so her eyes were covered, and after that she was a piece of cake to shave! Too bad it took like 6 years to figure that out!
I like it when their hair is about 1.5" long and all curly. They are so cute!
Unknown said…
Our Old English Sheepdog Miracle hated going to the groomers, and gave them a horrible time until recently. We found a groomer that she likes, and doesn't carry on like a crazy dog. Check out our video on YouTube of Miracle's first encounter with sheep - you might enjoy:

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