Thank you everyone!

One of the most gratifying things about blogging is the comments that you guys make.  I love to read them and feel like I'm getting to know you all a bit.  Some of them make me laugh and that's always a good thing!  You guys are the best!  Keeping commenting and I will keep blogging and doing giveaways. 

I've been setting up some blog tours in late spring and summer so make sure that you keep stopping by to see what's up.  Remember, there are always giveaways!

Today's is Thelma's blog post so stop by her blog to see what her interview is about. 

My mom mentioned to me that I haven't had a picture of Tillie lately on my blog.  There are reasons for this: spring and muddy feet.  Sometimes she comes in with her white feet as black as her black body and her muzzle too!  Yuk!  She is not so fond of being cleaned off but she has not choice.  She loves to bite the rag and if it's a paper towel, forget's in her mouth and chewed.  She still has this paper fetish and runs as soon as she gets a piece.  So here she is, dirty and sassy:

I have been working on the free pattern for the Fit to be Quarter ruler and here are some of the pieces.  I decided to use those yummy blues and whites that I had originally thought would work for Spades.  I'm on a deadline so am working to get it done for LeAnne to quilt. 

See you guys tomorrow!


Wendy said…
Oh my, I have always said blue is not my colour of choice, but I could easily be persuaded if I was to see to many fabrics like the ones you have chosen. Love them...a collection? ..or just a gathering of your faves?
Tilly really does look sassy in that adorable picture. Kind of like she is showing you her muddy feet and saying ... "Na na na Naaaaa, naaaaaa!, LOL. Love those furry babies. The blues you have chosen are just gorgeous I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Hugs...
The blog hop has been so much fun. Tilly is so adorable.
Candace said…
Oh Tilly is a cutie! Love the blues - I sense a beautiful quilt in the works!
Sherri said…
I've really enjoyed the blog hop! I can't wait for your fit to be quarter ruler to be finished...I've had this thing for make quarter square triangles lately (making a Carrie Nelson pattern with lots of them)!
Anonymous said…
Tilly is growing and looking more and more adorable! Monique I love your FTBG ruler, and would love your FTBS ruler, don't know why I didn't order it when you sent the others. Thank you for the Blog Tour, your new book is a winner!
Penny said…
Monique, my comment came up with my sons name, Bernie. Hope this will fix it. Not very computer savvy.
pcflamingo said…
Well, I love love love the blues. Cute little doggy "helper" you have there! Thanks for the blog tour, it's been a hoot.
Becky said…
Gorgeous blocks! Is that from one fabric line? Have a wonderful Saturday!

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