Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour - Week 2

Hi Everyone!

It's week 2 and we decided to do some tutorials for you.  There are several different techniques in the book and we each chose one to give you some hints about.  Mine is going to be a bit different because although the unit it is in the book, I have a new way of doing it and it uses my new ruler, the Fit to be Quarter.  I don't have any rulers in stock yet but wanted to show you how it will work.  Once they come in, I will have them for sale on my website.  It is called Fit to be Quarter and it is designed to be used for quarter square triangles.  There are many different applications that you can use the ruler for and I will be showing you those in the next couple of months.  First, the main reason:

Quarter Square Triangles:

1.  Start with 2 squares 1" larger than the unfinished size of your quarter-square triangle or hourglass block.  I want a 4" unfinished square so I cut my light and dark 5" x 5".  On the back of the light square, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.  Sew 1/4" from both sides of the line.

2.  Cut on the line and press towards the dark.  Rotate one piece and place it, right sides together on the other piece.  Make sure that the light is on the dark and the dark is on the light. 

3.  Draw a diagonal line on one of the pieces, bisecting the seam.  Sew 1/4" from the drawn line. 

4.  Cut on the line and press the pieces in one direction.  You get two quarter-square triangles. 

5.  Using the Fit to be Quarter, line up the two diagonal lines so the two lines cross on the 2" at the center of the block.  Also, watch to make sure that the diagonal lines on the top left are at 4" and the bottom right are at 4".  Trim the two sides.

6.  Rotate the piece and line up the 4" lines on the edges that you just cut.  Trim the two remaining sides.  There you go, perfect quarter-square triangles!
You can make quarter-square triangle blocks using this method but with no trimming by adding 3/4" to the unfinished size instead of 1".  The reason that I like to make the pieces larger and square them down is that they come out so accurate.  Speed in Fat Quarter Winners has quarter-square triangles.


I have been working on my blocks for Spades and it is coming along well.  I almost have them completed and will get them together soon.

Don't forget to comment on the blogs and check out Thelma's tomorrow and Lisa's on Thursday.

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Brenda said…
I just learned how to make these recently.
Shelley said…
What a lot of trimming time this will save with your new ruler!
Lee D said…
Looks like a great ruler. Thanks for the tut.
Barbara Anne said…
This is the way I make quarter square triangle units and I love the 2fer and the accuracy. Looks like your new ruler will making trimming up easier!

Jackie said…
OMG!! Hurry up and get that ruler! That looks like a dream method compared to others I have used. But then again I've felt that way about all your rulers and techniques. Way to go- again!!!
You make it 'seam' easy and I love the accuracy!! Thanks.
Nicole said…
Great tutorial Monique! And everyone is going to want that ruler now!
Ginny Worden said…
I have both of your Fit to Be Geese Rulers and really like them, I guess now I will need the quarter square ruler. Thanks for the info.
Candace said…
Woo-hoo! I love any kind of ruler that makes my piecing more accurate! Can't wait for this one to be available, Monique! Thanks for a super tutorial!
Melissa said…
I *need* this ruler! I just finished something with these blocks and none of my rulers were right for trimming. They all only had one 45 degree line. Can't wait!
Kay said…
Thanks for showing how to make the 1/4 square triangles. They can always be a little tricky. That looks like a good ruler to have.
Miss Jean said…
I'll be getting one of the rulers for sure!!!
Carrie said…
Awesome! I think those additional lines are going to make this a terrific way to trim up quarter-triangle squares and blocks!

You're a genius. But then I already knew that. :)
Becky said…
I need this ruler. When will it be available? Many thanks!
Marcia Burt said…
I was at an LQS's open house last Saturday and this ruler was spotlighted during her presentation! Must be an 'omen' that I need one!!!!! lol
paulette said…
LOVE your new ruler!! Thanks for the tutorial!!
Anita said…
Great tutorial, thanks! Can't wait to get the ruler.
Marcia W. said…
Thanks for the helpful tutorial and intro to your ruler.

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