Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour - Day 4

Welcome everyone!

It is day 4 of the book tour so that means it's Lisa of Stashmaster's turn.  As Thelma had mentioned, the three of them loved Pinochle and was their first choice for the tour.  Lisa won out so she got to do Pinochle.  I will have to admit, Pinochle is one of my favorites in the book too.  There are several reasons that I like it.  First of all, the name brings back wonderful memories of playing pinochle with my husband and his parents.  They are both gone now so it's nice to remember them this way.  We used to have evening long games.  Bill's step-dad was an awesome player and so is Bill.  They would have battles and his mom and I would just be along for the ride!  Lots of fun.  Now it's my parents and Bill and I that play.  My dad and I are partners and with Bill being such a good player, it's a there is lot of teasing and ribbing going on!  Another reason that I love this pattern is the colors.  Red is one of my favorite colors to use in quilts.  There is such a variety of reds out there that it is so yummy!  This quilt was especially fun to pick for because I got to raid my stash and use up some of my older fat quarters.  Luckily on some of my favorites, I had more than just a fat quarter.  Heaven forbid that I ran out of a favorite!  After all, I don't have much in my stash!  :)  So, make sure that you check out Lisa's blog and see her progression on this wonderful quilt.

When I posted my blog on Tuesday, one lady commented that she would like to know what I'm going to do with the blues.  I think that I want to make Pinochle in blues and creams. 

I'm off to New Hampton, IA this weekend for a book signing at my friend, Denise's shop, Quilter's Window.  I'm hoping the books will come in!  I have been checking daily but so far, no go.  Cross your fingers for us! 

King's Corner from Fat Quarter Winners
More posts next week with updates on Fat Quarter Winners book tour!


Nicole said…
Have fun at the book signing! How wonderful. Love the idea of Pinochle in blues and creams.
Candace said…
What a great story behind the quilt, Monique! I remember my parents and their friends wild Pinochle games as a child! I never did learn to play, though!
Béa said…
Another beautiful design !
Shelley said…
Wow, I am just amazed at your quilts in your new book. Congrats!

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