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Hi Everyone,

Because of some personal reasons, I am taking a break from writing my blog.  As you probably have seen from my recent blogging, this has been going on for a while. 

I will still be posting the Block of the Month blogs and will finish that out.  After that, I will continue to take a break. 

Sorry to disappoint everyone and hope you understand.

Thanks for being such loyal and wonderful readers!

Blogger Girls Block of the Month II - Block 4

Time for the 4th block of the Blogger Girls Block of the Month.  Have you been keeping up?  Hope you are enjoying the blocks!

Here's block 4 - Jodi's Block.  Follow Jodi through her blog:

First, trim of the two top edges of the 2 1/2" squares using the Fit to be Quarter Companion, as shown.  

Sew the triangles on the two trimmed edges.  Press out.
Trim the the top and side off, lining up the 2 1/2" on the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 ruler.

Rotate and trim the last side.  Make 4.

Make your 1/2 square triangles and square to 1 1/2".  Make 8.

Sew the corners together as shown.

Sew the block in 3 rows.  Press per directions.

Repeat to make Block 4, Version 2 changing colors as shown.

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