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Book Tour Finished

It's the last day of the book tour and Lisa's revealing her take on Pinochle.  I'm thinking that I would like to do it in those yummy fabrics too.  Make sure you stop by and see her results.

It is crunch time for us designers.  We only have 2 weeks left until we leave for Quilt Market and every time I think of it, I can't breath!  So much to do and so little time.  Like my friends say, you will get it done.  I know that I will but it always seems like it won't get done.  I will have some fabulous new patterns to show soon and of course, my new ruler!  I will post them within the next week or so.

Also, don't forget that the Quiltmaker's 100 Block blog tour starts Monday and that's my day.  There are always some great giveaways and surprises.  See you Monday!

Book Signing in Rockford

I will be doing a book signing in Rockford at Acorn Quilts on April 30th from 10:00-12:00.  If you are in the area, make sure that you stop by and say hi and get your book.  If you mention that you read this on my blog, you will get a special treat. 

Acorn Quilts is located at 6409 East Riverside Blvd in Rockford, IL.  Lesley Gebbie is the owner and the shop has been open for a year and a half.  It's a wonderful, inspring place to go so make sure that if you can't make it Saturday, you stop by another time. 

Don't forget that it's Thelma from Cupcake 'n Daisies day to show her big reveal.  You will be so excited and impressed with her quilt!  She has taken it a step further and I love it!  I'm jealous, I wished that I would have thought of it!

Tomorrow is Lisa from Stashmaster's day to blog about her reveal so stop by.

Spades Revealed!

Sounds like a expose show, doesn't it?  Well, nothing like that but you get to see a quilt revealed!  Here is Spades, all done! 

Will wonders never cease?  I actually have it quilted too.  I know what you are thinking...over-achiever!  But, that is not true.  Market is only 2 1/2 weeks away and I need it for my booth so I had to get it done.  My talented quilter, LeAnne Olson, quilted it quickly for me so I would have it for both Market and the reveal.  Here is a close-up of her fantastic quilting.

Yummy backing!
Also, it's time for the Fat Quarter Winners winner! (ruler winner too!)  It's Deb, who said:

"Love the book and there are several quilts that I'd like to make. Thanks for the chance to win!" 

Congratulations, Deb!!

Don't forget to stop by Thelma's blog tomorrow to see her big reveal.  You are in for a wonderful treat!

Thanks for touring with us and hope to see you on the next tour!


Today is the first day of the final week of our Fat Quarter Winners book tour.  While it is exciting to see everyone's quilts, it's also kind of sad that it is ending.  Never fear!  The next blog hop starts next week.  Can you believe it!?

The big reveal is starting today with Nicole.  She has done a fantastic job and you will want to make Rummy just like hers!  Here is my version:

Tomorrow is my reveal day as well as my announcement of the winner of Fat Quarter Winners and a set of my rulers.

See you tomorrow.

Next blog tour

As I had mentioned, there are more blog tours coming up.  The next one starts the week after we finish our book tour.  It's for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.  If you stopped by the blogs last time, there were some fantastic blocks and many wonderful projects.

I can give you a bit of a hint as to what I did for the tour.  I used a black, a cream and a black/cream print from Olde World Style.  It is very striking and I have made quilt using my blocks.  I will show that when we do the blog tour as well. 
Quiltmaker is giving a magazine away for each blogger that chooses a winner and I'm sure that I will have some more goodies to add to the prize.  So, don't miss out on the next blog tour, starting May 2nd, which also happens to be my day to blog!

One more week left until we all get to do our big reveal for Fat Quarter Winners book tour.  From Thelma's blog, it looks like she is done, mine is at the quilter and I'm sure that both Lisa's and Nicole's are well on …

Thank you everyone!

One of the most gratifying things about blogging is the comments that you guys make.  I love to read them and feel like I'm getting to know you all a bit.  Some of them make me laugh and that's always a good thing!  You guys are the best!  Keeping commenting and I will keep blogging and doing giveaways. 

I've been setting up some blog tours in late spring and summer so make sure that you keep stopping by to see what's up.  Remember, there are always giveaways!

Today's is Thelma's blog post so stop by her blog to see what her interview is about. 

My mom mentioned to me that I haven't had a picture of Tillie lately on my blog.  There are reasons for this: spring and muddy feet.  Sometimes she comes in with her white feet as black as her black body and her muzzle too!  Yuk!  She is not so fond of being cleaned off but she has not choice.  She loves to bite the rag and if it's a paper towel, forget's in her mouth and chewed.  She still has thi…

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

When Nicole, Thelma and Lisa asked me about interviewing me on their blog tour, I asked myself what I should do on my day.  A few weeks ago, Thelma had written a post on things that you might not know about her.  I thought that was a great idea.  You got to know a bit more about her.  I loved it! 

So, here goes, 10 things that you might not know about me:

1.  I love Old English Sheepdogs.  You probably already know this about me but the question is how did that come about?  When I was 5 years old, there was a local tv show that came to our school for interviews.  It was Valentines Day and they picked a boy and a girl for the interview.  They happened to pick me and one of the questions that they asked was: "What would you like most in the world?"  My answer was a dog.  They asked what kind of dog.  I said either an Old English Sheepdog or a St. Bernard.  Of course, they printed this in the paper the next day.  My dad is a retired teacher and at the time all the…

The books have arrived!

Oh happy day!  The books arrived Friday and I sent all the orders out on Saturday morning.  I'm so excited!  They look awesome and can't wait for everyone to see one. 

I'm working on Spades and am very close to getting it done.  I may even have it quilted before the final reveal!  I am going to be bringing it to Quilt Market so I've been hustling to get it finished.  Sneak peek:

Make sure that you stop by Nicole's blog today to catch her interview with me.  This is the third week of our book tour and I can't believe how quickly it has gone.  Next week is the big reveal and we will announce our winners. 

Thanks for stopping by and will see you tomorrow for my day to post.

Quilter's Window Giveaway

My good friend, Denise from Quilter's Window is having a giveaway of Fat Quarter Winners book.  Make sure that you go to her blog and leave a comment.  She is giving you a week to leave a comment and next Wednesday, she will draw a winner.  The book is even signed by yours truely. 

The blog book tour continues today with Lisa from Stashmaster giving her tutorial.  Stop by her blog and see what she is showing.  I can't wait to see her quilt, Pinochle. 

Another one of my favorites in Fat Quarter Winners is Whist.  The quilt can be made using both of my rulers, the Fit to be Square and Fit to be Geese.  In the directions in the book I also give you the instructions to make the block using the traditional method.  This is a great quilt because you can use up all the fabric in a fat quarter bundle or from your stash.  I used the leftovers from the fat quarters for binding and the additional fat quarters for the backing.  It doesn't have a border on the quilt either so you don…

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks

In the past year there have been 2 issues of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks.  I have been in both and it has been such a great experience.  The third issue is due to come out at the beginning of May and I will have a block in that issue too.  I'm very excited about it and wanted to give you a sneak peek of the cover:

There will be a blog tour like last time and also a quilt gallery.  During the blog tour, I will be giving away a copy of the magazine plus more surprises.  Last time when I participated in the blog tour, I designed a tablerunner using my block.  This time, I will have another project for you to download.  Hope you can join me on the blog tour and enter for a chance to win.

Don't forget to stop by Thelma's blog to see her tutorial and her progress on Crazy Eights. 

Good news!  C&T contacted me to let me know that the books are on their way.  So, for those of you who pre-ordered Fat Quarter Winners, your book will be in the mail later this week.  If you are interest…

Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour - Week 2

Hi Everyone!

It's week 2 and we decided to do some tutorials for you.  There are several different techniques in the book and we each chose one to give you some hints about.  Mine is going to be a bit different because although the unit it is in the book, I have a new way of doing it and it uses my new ruler, the Fit to be Quarter.  I don't have any rulers in stock yet but wanted to show you how it will work.  Once they come in, I will have them for sale on my website.  It is called Fit to be Quarter and it is designed to be used for quarter square triangles.  There are many different applications that you can use the ruler for and I will be showing you those in the next couple of months.  First, the main reason:

Quarter Square Triangles:

1.  Start with 2 squares 1" larger than the unfinished size of your quarter-square triangle or hourglass block.  I want a 4" unfinished square so I cut my light and dark 5" x 5".  On the back of the light square, draw a di…

Home from Iowa

Hi Everyone!

Back from Iowa and my book signing at my friend, Denise's quilt shop.  I met Denise at Quilt Market several years ago and we became instant friends.  We have the same passion, quilting, of course and get along great.  I have been teaching once a year at Quilter's Window in New Hampton, IA since we met.  When I told her about my book, she asked come to her shop for a book signing.  I readily agreed.  She had appetizers, wine tastings and specials at the shop.  It was a wonderful turn out and there were many familiar faces plus a few new ones.

On Friday, Denise called me and gave me the good news.  C&T had the books in their warehouse and were going to overnight the books to Denise so she would have them for the book signing!  YEAH!!  I was thrilled because after all, what's a book signing with no books?!  It worked out great and we had a wonderful time.  Here is a couple of pictures of the event:

 Denise and me in front of Pinochle  Talking about the book to …

Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour - Day 4

Welcome everyone!

It is day 4 of the book tour so that means it's Lisa of Stashmaster's turn.  As Thelma had mentioned, the three of them loved Pinochle and was their first choice for the tour.  Lisa won out so she got to do Pinochle.  I will have to admit, Pinochle is one of my favorites in the book too.  There are several reasons that I like it.  First of all, the name brings back wonderful memories of playing pinochle with my husband and his parents.  They are both gone now so it's nice to remember them this way.  We used to have evening long games.  Bill's step-dad was an awesome player and so is Bill.  They would have battles and his mom and I would just be along for the ride!  Lots of fun.  Now it's my parents and Bill and I that play.  My dad and I are partners and with Bill being such a good player, it's a there is lot of teasing and ribbing going on!  Another reason that I love this pattern is the colors.  Red is one of my favorite colors to use in qui…

Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour - Day 3

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the book tour so far.  Nicole's choice of quilt and fabric is awesome and can't wait to see hers done!  Reds and pinks are one of my favorite combinations and she makes me want to do that quilt again in her colors!  Today's day is Thelma from Cupcakes 'n Daisies.  You will love her choice of quilt and colors...again, it makes me want to do her quilt too.  Oh, if only we had all the time in the world. 

Tomorrow will be Lisa's day to blog about her choice of quilt and fabrics and can't wait to see what she comes up with too. 

Thanks to everyone who is commenting and following our blogs.  You guys are the ones that make this happen and I love to read everyone's comments!

Featured below is one more quilt from Fat Quarter Winner's:

Gin Rummy
Thanks for coming by and we will see you tomorrow!

Book Tour - Week 1

My day is Tuesday to blog about the project that I am working on.  I decided to do Spades from Fat Quarter Winners.  There are a couple of reasons why I decided to do this quilt.  First, I love the fact that you don't need a border for this quilt.  Sometimes you have a fat quarter bundle but don't have any supporting yardage. Another reason that I chose this pattern is because you can use every piece in a line and don't have to worry about having a matching light and dark.  If you look at the picture, I matched darks with darks, mediums with darks, darks with lights and mediums with lights.  A lot of fat quarter bundles come with lots of darks and less lights.  You can use whatever fabrics that you choose out of a bundle or raid your stash.  The key is to have a contrast between the two prints.  It doesn't have to be a huge contrast but a bit. 

My first dilemma about this quilt is what fabrics to choose?!  I have so many fat quarter bundles and pieces in my stas…

Fat Quarter Winners Book Tour Starts Today!

I hope you are excited by the book tour that is starting today!  I know that I am.  Today is Nicole from Sister's Choice day to blog about the book and reveal the quilt that she has decided to make.  She will also show you her color choices and some wonderful ideas that she has come up with. 

Don't forget to come back each day to see who is blogging what day and their choices.  Also, there will be prizes and a few surprises!

Here is a picture of another one of the quilts in the book:


I still haven't received copies of the books for sale but as soon as I do, I will post it.  You can purchase the book ahead of time or wait until it comes in.  Check your local quilt shop for it as well. 

Thanks for coming by and come by tomorrow to see who is making the next quilt out of Fat Quarter Winners!