Home from Iowa

Hi Everyone!

Back from Iowa and my book signing at my friend, Denise's quilt shop.  I met Denise at Quilt Market several years ago and we became instant friends.  We have the same passion, quilting, of course and get along great.  I have been teaching once a year at Quilter's Window in New Hampton, IA since we met.  When I told her about my book, she asked come to her shop for a book signing.  I readily agreed.  She had appetizers, wine tastings and specials at the shop.  It was a wonderful turn out and there were many familiar faces plus a few new ones.

On Friday, Denise called me and gave me the good news.  C&T had the books in their warehouse and were going to overnight the books to Denise so she would have them for the book signing!  YEAH!!  I was thrilled because after all, what's a book signing with no books?!  It worked out great and we had a wonderful time.  Here is a couple of pictures of the event:

 Denise and me in front of Pinochle
 Talking about the book to some customers.

If you ever get a chance to go to Quilter's Window, make sure that you stop by.  It's a fabulous shop and she has a wonderful eye for color.  A couple of year's ago her shop was a Top Ten Quit Shop with American Patchwork and Quilting and if you go, you will see why.  Denise is starting to blog so make sure that you check it out.  She is planning on doing some giveaways and updates you on what's new at her shop. 

Denise is the only shop in the country to have my book right now.  I don't even have any more copies than the one they sent me.  I am going to check to see but I would think that this week I will get my copies.

Don't forget to go to Nicole's blog, Sister's Choice to see her progress on Rummy.  It is also tutorial week so make sure you go to everyone's blog to learn some valuable tips and techniques.

Schedule of book tour:
Nicole, Sister's Choice - Mondays
me - Tuesdays
Thelma - Cupcakes 'n Daisies Wednesdays
Lisa - Stashmaster Thursdays

Hope to hear from you tomorrow.  Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win some prizes.


Thelma said…
I'm so relieved the books made it for your first book signing! I was keeping my fingers crossed for you. No books at your first book signing may have been a funny story 1 year from now, but not so funny over the weekend.
Lee D said…
Whew glad it was a success, sounds like a great day!
Cindy said…
Sounds like you have a marvelous time.
Candace said…
Sounds like a fun trip and another great shop to put on my list for future trips! I'm so happy your books arrived in time and there weren't any embarassing moments ;>)
4dreamsr said…
Monique, thought you might like to know your Quiltmaker's Vol 2 block found a home with me. I was so thrilled to get such a beautiful block. Piecing is what I like best so your block is perfect for me. Thanks so much & congrats for having a place in the magazine. Cynthia in AL
Nicole said…
Woo hoo! That is some gorgeous quilt on the wall behind you! Darn, I want to make that quilt ASAP! Thank goodness the books arrived in time for the book signing. That would have been embarrassing!
Marcia Burt said…
Denise's shop is the only shop that has your book??!!! Wow- way to go, Iowa!!! (Said with excitement from an Iowa gal here!)
I have organized a bus trip to her shop in New Hampton and the many quilters on the bus truly enjoyed their visit to her shop (me included)! Bet it was a great day for a book signing! ;^)

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