Hi Everyone,

Because of some personal reasons, I am taking a break from writing my blog.  As you probably have seen from my recent blogging, this has been going on for a while. 

I will still be posting the Block of the Month blogs and will finish that out.  After that, I will continue to take a break. 

Sorry to disappoint everyone and hope you understand.

Thanks for being such loyal and wonderful readers!


Sherri said… thoughts and prayers are with you! Take care of yourself!
JoAnne said…
I'm seconding Sherri's thoughts. I'll be thinking of and missing you, too. Take care!
Nicole said…
Love and hugs from California.
Sandy D said…
Will miss you and your blog. Take care of things.
Dorothy said…
You will be missed, but you need to take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
We'll be here when you get back - don't worry about us! I hope all is well soon or sorted out for you. Take care!
Auntie Em said…
Will miss you. Hope things all get sorted out soon.
linda thomas said…
this is my favorite blog and I will miss it. Take care of what you need to and my prayers go out to you. I'll be waiting for your return.

Linda from Pa.

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