Spring Quilt Market - Installment 4

Okay, this is the last installment.  Not because I'm running out of things to tell you, I'm running out of pictures!  You'd think that by now I would remember to take more pictures.  Not the case. 

I wanted to say hello to a couple of bloggers that I met at Market.  First, Sandy from tp://textilehouse.blogspot.com/  She comments on my blog regularly.  She is an absolute sweetheart and when we met face to face, her enthusiasm and smile were infectious.  Here is a picture of the two of us in my booth in front of some of the quilts from Fat Quarter Winners.

I also wanted to say hi to Sherri from A Quilting Life.  I met her through blogging and we finally got to meet at Market.  Poor Sherri came by my booth several times and I was out but we finally got to meet on Sunday.  Thanks, Sherri, for being so patient and I'm glad that we finally met!  She's an awesome blogger and it was so much fun to meet her!  Look for Sherri to be involved with my blog hop coming up in July.

In the Moda booth they had an old time photo booth set up.  So, the first day, Joyce and I were walking around before the show opened and they told us about the booth.  I immediately drug Joyce over there and we had our pictures taken.  It was so much fun and we laughed the whole time!  Here we are:

Thanks for stopping by and will blog more next week.  Have a great Memorial Day!

Stop by next week for the announcement of the winner of Gudrun's awesome book, Table Talk. 


Candace said…
How fun to actually meet Sandy and Sherri in person! Sherri is one of the first bloggers I "met" when I began blogging and a fellow "Supreme" for Stephanie! Thanks for the great market reports, Monique!
Carrie said…
Nobody ever remembers to take pictures until AFTER! Even when we drag out cameras around... we still forget.

I'm so glad you had fun at Market -- and Happy Memorial Day to you too!
Sherri said…
It was so nice to meet you in "real life!" I kept meaning to go to the Moda photo booth and never got there....it's been fun to see all those photo booth pictures! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Strlady said…
Hey, That's me! LOL! It was so great to finally meet you in person! This was my second time to market and I had a list of must see peeps for market. You had been on my list since last fall so I was really excited to read that you were going this spring!
When I dropped by the photo booth there was a line and we decided to come back later... you know how that goes! We ended up with no pics. Hope you have a great Memorial Day!!

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