Fit to be Quarter Ruler

Well, it's finally here and ready to go.  The Fit to be Quarter rulers are in my "warehouse" aka our garage, the printing came and they are ready to go.  I'm so excited that it is finally ready!  The ruler is designed to trim quarter-square triangles, combination units and square up quilt blocks but I've found it to be a multi-purpose ruler.  I've used it to trim 1/2 square triangles too.  It is 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".  Let me show you how it works with quarter-square triangles.

1.  Quarter Square Triangles:

1.  Start with 2 squares 1" larger than the unfinished size of your quarter-square triangle or hourglass block.  I want a 4" unfinished square so I cut my light and dark 5" x 5".  On the back of the light square, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.  Sew 1/4" from both sides of the line.

2.  Cut on the line and press towards the dark.  Rotate one piece and place it, right sides together on the other piece.  Make sure that the light is on the dark and the dark is on the light.

3.  Draw a diagonal line on one of the pieces, bisecting the seam.  Sew 1/4" from the drawn line.

4.  Cut on the line and press the pieces in one direction.  You get two quarter-square triangles.

5.  Using the Fit to be Quarter, line up the two diagonal lines so the two lines cross on the 2" at the center of the block.  Also, watch to make sure that the diagonal lines on the top left are at 4" and the bottom right are at 4".  Trim the two sides.

6.  Rotate the piece and line up the 4" lines on the edges that you just cut.  Trim the two remaining sides.  There you go, perfect quarter-square triangles!

Black Pearl can be made using the Fit to be Quarter ruler for the center of the block.

The instructions for the ruler tells you how to trim combination units.  I will do another tutorial on that unit in another blog. 

If you want to order your Fit to be Quarter ruler, it's now on my website. Remember, I will be at Quilt Market from May 11th-May 16th so order will not go out until after the 17th.  (I need a day to recoup and get things ready to send out!) 

So now that it's finally here, I decided to do a give-away of the ruler.  Not one but two rulers!!  All you have to do is leave a comment on your favorite quilt tool.  You have until Sunday, May 15th to comment.  I will announce the winner on Tuesday, the 17th. 

Thanks for stopping by!


carla.meier said…
No doubt about it - favorite tools are rotary cutter & ruler. They revolutionized quilting.
Judi said…
My favorite quilt tool is my Bernina. Love my 'Nina!
Sherri said…
Love it! Love that it will go up to the 9 1/2" block size too! I'll stop by and see it at your booth!
pcflamingo said…
Gotta be my rotary cutter. Or my Easy Angle ruler. Or my snips. Color me indecisive.
This is a hard decision. As Carla and Judi mentioned, I think the rotary cutter and the sewing machine are probably my favorite tools. The new rulers that have come out in the last few years have really made cutting so much more efficient and precise. Thanks for the great giveaway. Enjoy your time at Market.
Melissa said…
Yay! It's here! My new favorite quilting tool is my Clearly Perfect Angles, it's like the Angler II but it's cling vinyl so I can cut a flap to peel back to get to my drop-in bobbin rather than having to take off the whole extension table like I did with the Angler II.
Deb said…
OH, I really need that ruler if I plan on making the Black Pearl quilt once it's available! Nice work.
Jamie said…
Definitely my rotary cutter!
Candace said…
So many gadgets, so many favorties, but I would have to say Stitching Lines (which would work well with your new ruler) and your Fit to Be Geese rulers are my favorite tools! I'd say you have another winning ruler here, Monique!
Chris said…
I love my rulers and rotary cutters, they make a great team! I don't think I could survive without my unpicked either, my favourite is made by Clover & has a chunky handle
I also have A new favourite- Sewline pencil with ceramic leads which make fabric marking much easier.
PS I am in England so perhaps too far for your giveaway but it looks great :)
Chris x
Hi Monique! I must say that aside from my rotary cutter my favorite tool is your Fit to be Geese Ruler! Really!! If I don't win the Fit to be Quarter Ruler I will ordering one! lol I can't wait to try it out!
Gail said…
I would have to say your Fit to be Geese ruler is my favorite. I used to pass if the quilt had flying geese in it, but your ruler has changed all that for me!! Now I love doing them. Can't wait to try your new ruler. Keep up the great work !!!

Anonymous said…
I am not kidding, the Fit to be Square ruler - I use it a lot! It is a great tool. I think this Fit to Be Quarter ruler is going to be another great tool - need to get my order in right away.
Amy said…
My favorite tools are my rotary cutter (with new blade), my rulers, and my Gingher scissors. I'm making 1/4 square triangles for my guild BOM, so this new ruler sure would come in handy!
Ginny Worden said…
My favorite quilt tool is the rotary cutter. Zip thru fabric, yahoo!
Strlady said…
Okay.. I don't count the rotary cutter as a tool so I need to go with your Fit to be Geese ruler. And that is not because it's your baby but it really is my FAVORITE tool. I pimp it out every chance I get and it's the only notion I have actually given as a gift to another quilter. I love stars and it makes sure my points are exactly were they should be because my flying geese are ALWAY perfect! I don't leave home without it.
Thank you for creating it!
Jackie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jackie said…
My rotary cutter comes in first but I'm sure this ruler is going to be high on the list - I've been putting off working on a quilt just waiting on this ruler!!
Liz Daly said…
I would have to say that my favorite tool is the rotary cutter. It's the only way you can use all of the amazing "Fit to be" rulers.
Quilting has come a long way. I love all the tools mentioned but now because I do more machine than hand sewing I have to say my 1/4 inch machine foot.......for seam allowance. No more guessing..Love your new ruler,and thanks for the chance Georgeann
Henrietta said…
I like the multitude of lines on the ruler and it is a useful size. What I really want to know is what your quilt stand looks like behind Black Pearl!
Henrietta said…
My favorite quilting tool is my seam ripper. I use it for lots of other things not just frog stitching. It is useful to flip a seam over (or under) while stitching, tease threads out of seams when pressing or guide when curved piecing.

I have always bought the cheap blue ones (naming no names) but got very tired of them simply snapping. I have been pleased with the Fons and Porter ergonomic handle one, worth every penny.
Lee said…
I adore my Viking sewing machine who I call Sylvia. I am a new quilter and have a rotary cutter and one ruler. Would love to try this! thanks for the lovely giveaway and have fun at Market!
Truffle queen said…
I would agree - it's the mat, the rotary cutter, and the rulers! Also, a disposable scalpel for ripping out seams! I just found out that YOU will be at my guild in August (PSQG) and I've signed up for the workshop! YIPPEE
kshackabq said…
Without a doubt, my favorite quilt tool is my Fit to be Geese ruler. Looks like the Fit to be Quarter ruler will be a close second!
Hmmm I think my favourite tool has to be my quick unpick (the European name for seam ripper!). Simple, perfect for the job and hardly costs anything at all. I'd be lost without it...whick makes it sound like I do a lot of ripping out, doesn't it!
Diane said…
I guess if I had to pick one it would have to be my 8.5" X 12" ruler. Perfect size for almost every cut I need to make.

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