Quiltmakers 100 Block Blog Tour Winner

Congratulations, Marlene@kissedquilts.com who said:

"Recently I heard someone say it is the experiences that you can cherish not the things...so I'd have to say...after the movie....but black pearls - the jewelry are beautiful!"

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on the blog tour!  The general consensus was that most people preferred to spend their money on jewelry instead of movies.  Of course, if the choice was fabric or movies and jewelry, we all know what we would choose! 

I had a book signing in Rockford at Acorn Quilts this past weekend and it was very successful!  It was so much fun to see familiar faces and meet some new quilters.  Thanks everyone for coming out!  Here is a picture of me at my table with the one book that I had left...awesome turnout!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the tour!


katieo53551 said…
Great picture - great book!
Candace said…
Congratulations to Marlene and also to you, Monique, for a successful and fun book tour!
Congrats on the great book signing event Monique! Your book is wonderful so I am not surprised in the least! Can't wait for your new ruler too! :)
Thank you so much Monique! (yes I replied to your email).
Strlady said…
That they sold out does not surprise me. Easy peasy when your book is so wonderful. You look great!
VickiT said…
Congratulations Marlene.

OH my gosh Monique! As I was looking at your block and reading about it your name never hit me although it really should have.

I wanted to come down to to see you at Acorn Quilts and totally spaced it out. UGH! Now I'm mad at myself. :( I recently found that shop after visiting so many others in my area that I wasn't happy with for one reason or another but I LOVE Acorn Quilts, They are SO helpful and go out of their way to help beginners like me.

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