Blogger Girls Block of the Month Bock 6

I can't believe this is our last block for the Blogger Girls Block of the Month!  Where does the time go?  Here is how the last couple months will work.  This is the last block.  All of the blocks and finishing instructions will be posted until the end of July.  Once the end of July comes, they are off my website.  We are planning on doing a "Quilt Parade" on July 1st.  Us bloggers will have our quilt top done and will post it then.  That way you can see all the wonderful completed quilts.  Also, if you have yours done, post them on flickr and then we can all see them.  If you aren't sure how to do this, please send me a picture of your quilt or quilt top and I will post it on flickr for you.

This whole block of the month experience has been awesome!  I have enjoyed doing this so much and hope that everyone else has as well.  If you want to do it again, let me know because I have some ideas for the next one.

As for block 6, here is my two versions using Royal Gardens.  Click on block 6 to bring you to the instructions.  Also, finishing kits for the Royal Gardens quilt are available on now.

Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block 6 Version 1

Blogger Girls Block of the Month Block 6 Version 2
I love the way that these two blocks look so different just with the change of fabrics!

Here is how you put them together:
Start by making 1/4 square triangles.  Note that for the first version, I made the instructions the same as the second version so you knew what to cut.  For the first version, I used 3 of the dark fabric and one light where on the second version, I used 2 of the 2 different darks.

Once you have made 4, square using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5. 

Then you put the center of the block together.
Next make your flying geese and again because they are trimmed to 2" x 3 1/2", I could use the Mini Fit to be Geese to trim the two sides at once.

Sew the flying geese with the longer pieces of the same dark, as shown.  Make 2 of each.
Next, sew the block together using the center and the flying geese units.
Last, cut the corners off using the 45 degree angle on your ruler.  I line up the 45 degree angle on a seam and make sure that you leave 1/4" from the light point.

Next, sew a triangle to the corner.  When I sew it on, I sew from the back so that I can see where my seams cross and I don't cut off any points.  The corner triangles that you are sewing on are larger than needed so you can trim them up.  Don't worry if they are too big.
Once you have the corner on, press and trim even using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5

Finish the last 3 sides and there you go, block #6!
Here is Kathy's version:
We also decided to show you all our blocks together so you can see how they look together.  I don't have the sashing made yet but will by July 1st!  These are my blocks, version 1.
Here are Kathy's blocks, version 2.
Can't wait to see them both put together.

Don't forget to check out the other blogger's block #6's as well as all their blocks.

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Thanks for joining us!

PS.  I put a link on "block 6" at the top to go directly to my Blogger Girls Block of the Month page.  Sorry for forgetting!  


JoAnne said…
Oh Monique! I think this is my favorite block so far--at least for appearances. I may feel differently after construction... I would love another BOM--this one has been lots of fun.

Did you put a link in this post for the directions? I looked through a couple times and couldn't readily find it. I'll go to a previous post to link back to the BOM page. Thanks so much for a fun quilt!!
Sheila said…
i can't get a link on this page or the usual one. the block 6 page is not opening up for me . It is a beautiful block and i am keen to make a start on it. Thanks for hosting the BOM, i have really enjoyed each of the blocks.
Laurie in Iowa said…
Beautiful block... thank you for sharing all these block patterns with your readers.
Carol Stearns said…
THe link for directions is not happening. Can you help!
I just want to say that all of these quilts are looking so incredible. I am sure in future you will share more quilts like it.
Darlene said…
I can not get block 6. If you would download to me I would be grateful.

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