Blogger Girls Block of the Month - Block 3

It's March 1st and it's time for Blogger Girls Block of the Month block #3.  It's hard to believe that we are on block 3 already!  I am planning on posting the finishing instructions in the middle of the month, around the 15th, so make sure you check out the posting.

Don't forget to check out the other blogger's post on block #3.  Here are the participants:

Sherri from A Quilting Life -
Thelma from Cupcakes ‘n Daisies ~
Lissa from Moda  Lissa  ~
Denise from Quilter’s  Window ~
Nicole from Sister’s Choice  ~
Lisa from Stashmaster ~

Also, if you haven't been checking on flickr, make sure that you do!  Thanks to those who have posted their blocks on flickr.  I just love to see what everyone is using for their block fabrics.

Here are the two versions of block #3:

We are using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion ruler for this block.  It makes flip corners SO easy!

First, use the Companion part of the ruler set to trim the top two sides as shown, lining up the 4 1/2" mark on the bottom and side of the piece:

Next, sew a red triangle cut from a square diagonally once to the first trimmed side, press out.  Sew another same sized triangle onto the adjoining trimmed side, as shown.  Press out.

Trim the piece using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 on the top and side.  Rotate and trim the remaining side.  Make sure to line up the 4 1/2" mark on the ruler.

On the two remaining sides that do not have the triangles on them, trim as the first step, sew on the triangles and press out.  Trim to 4 1/2".  Repeat to make 4.

Make the same unit using the black (or brown in this case) triangles instead of the red.  Make 1 for the center of the block.
Sew the 3 strips together to form a strip set.  Subcut the pieces to 4 1/2" segments. 
Sew the block together to make you 3rd block.

Here is my Block 3, Version 1 using Double Chocolat.
Here is Kathy's Block 3, Version 2 using Double Chocolate...aren't they yummy!?
Glad that you dropped by and hope you have a great week!



MIng said…
Love this BOM series. Quick the second set of pictures where you are trimming your square-in-a-square, you're using a ruler called "Fit to be Flipped". It looks like the Fit to be Quarter, but it's labelled differently. Is it a new ruler coming out?
K said…
I had the same question as Ming.. New ruler or?
Carol said…
I am really enjoying taking part in this Block of the Month. It is amazing how different the same block can look with different fabric/colour placement.
I have been eagerly waiting for my 'Fit to be Quarter' ruler to arrive from the Open Gate Store, and now that it has arrived I can go ahead and make my blocks! You can never have too many gadgets, especially when they make the job easier and are more accurate!
Looking forward to seeing the next block!
By the way, I was really impressed with the speed that the ruler (and Companion) arrived, especially since they had along way to come (Australia). I also bought a Fit to be Geese Ruler and both came with a free pattern and clear instructions. Thank-you very much Monique!!
Best wishes to you, Carol

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