Blogger Girls BOM Sashing/Finishing

Hi Everyone!

As promised, I am posting the Blogger Girls BOM Sashing/Finishing Instructions.  You can download them off my website under the Blogger Girls BOM Finishing Instructions.

To make the square-in-a-square blocks, I used the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion.  It's the same process as the pieces from Block #3 from earlier this month.

First, make the cornerstones by using the large 5 1/2" squares and cutting of the corners using the Companion ruler.

Next, sew the triangles of light to the two cut off corners as shown.

Trim to 51/2" using the Fit to be Quarter 6.5.

Repeat the process of trimming the two sides using the Companion, sew on the triangles and square to 5 1/2".  

You will do the same thing for the sashing by using the smaller squares and triangles.  Note that the medium square in a square block, the seams are pressed in towards the center square.

Sew the sashing together and make the appropriate number needed for the size of quilt that you are making.

For the Double Chocolat version, Kathy and I are thinking about making the squares in the square-in-a-square blocks different reds and browns.  What do you think? 

You can work on your sashing pieces and cornerstones while you are waiting for your next block!  Enjoy and have a great week!


susan said…
your red and browns look great
Carol said…
I like the reds and browns too!
Now that I have my set of 'Fit to be Quarter' rulers, making the sashing will be a breeze!

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