Sweet Maple

We have a 13 year old Old English Sheepdog named Maple.  She is a sweet old dog and I love her to bits.  It seems like I always talk about Tillie because she is young and full of energy.  (as I'm writing this, I had to take a break to take her outside to play!)   Maple lays back and just hangs out with us.  She gets lots of attention even with Tillie around!  She comes outside to keep Tillie and I company when I play ball with Tillie.  She proceeds to bark the whole time letting everyone know that she is outside with us!  Here are some pictures of my sweet Maple:
 Maple at 6 years old
 Glory and Maple (front) at 10 years old
 Maple (front) with Glory at 9 years old
 Maple and Tillie
 Maple with Tillie who adores her big sister!

One of the reasons that I bring up Maple is because I just got my copy of Quilt Almanac 2013 and one of my older quilts, Sweet Maple, is featured.  The quilt was redone using my fabric line, Royal Gardens.  My friend, Kathy Rosecrance sewed it for me.  Make sure you check it out!  We are offering kits for this wonderful wall hanging through www.BundlesandBolts.com.  Here is a picture of it:

The block of the month is going great!  I've seen lots of great pictures on flickr and it's been SO much fun!

Have a great week and hope you are having fun making your blocks! 


Sue said…
What sweet, beautiful dogs! I just love their faces:)

I am cutting out my blocks for the BOM tomorrow! The Royal Gardens fabrics are lovely. I will have to pull something out of the stash though:)

Anonymous said…
Monique, just LOVED hearing about your puppies and seeing their pictures, especially the one with Maple "hugging" Tillie. Hope all is well, we have to catch up sometime soon.
gailss said…
What a beautiful dog and bet she is the sweet type as she has kind eyes....what we can see of them..LOL
Thanks for sharing
Laura G said…
I am so happy you shared your sheep dog pictures. My husband and I has a sheepdog named Ruffles. We got her right after we were married and has her almost 12 years I used to groom her myself and would spend almost 4 hours brushing her after her bath. Now we have chocolate labs, but I will always have a special place in my heart for her She was a beauty.
They are both just beautiful. They look so soft, I just want to hug them!
Monique, I am so glad to see the pictures of Maple, she is beautiful and somewhat regal don't you think? I also have an older and younger furry babes. The older, now just 11 but making every day a gift as she slowly winds down due to cancer. She isn't suffering, she sleeps most of the time and is stone deaf...until you say "Treat" or "Hungry?", then she jumps up and bounces around like the puppy she once was and at dinner time still is, LOL. The younger Sadie Jo is 7, but never did play much as we rescued her from a very abusive home when she was 18 months old and though she will pick up a toy and claim it as her own, she just puts it in the corner where it will be safe and leaves it there. Both of our girls are so precious to us and the older, Friskie used to have a toy bucket the held all her treasures and boy did she ever play. Now she sniff the toys, finds the squeakers and gives them a try, she can't hear them so I guess they have lost their luster. The thing is, though we tend to post pictures of the younger more comical and active furry kids, all of us that are pet lovers, know without question that just because our older, more sedate furry kids aren't as present in our photos, they are most certainly front and center in our hearts. I wonder every day, how I would manage without the joy, love and laughter these furry kids bless us with. Life would be pretty boring and a whole lot more stressful without them, don't you think?

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