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Hi Everyone!

I have had such great response for the Blogger Girls Block of the Month.  Thank you so much!!  I am so excited about this project!  As the month goes by, I will be giving updates on the questions, comments and pictures from everyone.

One of the questions that I had is if I could set up an email feed so when I post a blog, you are notified.  I think (cross your fingers) that I set it up correctly.  It is on the right side of this blog.  This is my test because I signed up myself and want to see if it works.  Also, I have been posting my new blogs on Facebook and you can sign up to receive updates through there.  Button on right side too.

The other question that I had was about fabric and how do you go about using it for the block of the month.  This is a great question and here is both Nicole's from Sister's Choice's and my response:

Question from reader:

Dear Nicole,
 I'm a lurking devotee of your blog (as well as other quilting and knitting blogs), never a commenter. But now I have a question about the Open Gate BoM, please.

I've never done a BoM before and am not sure how you cut the fabric efficiently to be sure there's enough for future blocks. Are there any tricks to this?

Thanks for any help. And Happy New Year!

Answer from Nicole:


Thanks for your email.  Your question is a very good one.  I am using fat quarters of the fabric, and have more pieces than the project calls for.  I am finding it a bit tricky to calculate the amount I will have on hand after I use a piece to make one or more blocks.  I am thinking I can use each fat quarter in at least two blocks.  However, I have already made two blocks that I have rejected because I didn't like my fabric combinations once I got them made!  So, I can see using up  my favorite pieces, perhaps before I am ready to!

My method so far, has been no method at all.  I have just been picking out the fabrics I think I will like in each block and plunging in and cutting without really considering if I am making the best use of my materials.

I will run your question by Monique (the designer) and see if she has any thoughts.

Thanks again for your thought provoking question!

All the best,

Answer from me:

Hi Girls,

You are right, that is a great question.  Nicole, your idea about using the fat quarter for more than one block is a good suggestion.  I definitely used the same fabric in two or more blocks.  The only problem is that it's hard to know when you are going to use it.  :)  If you are worried about running out of a particular fabric, you could always get more, if it's available  Either 1/3 or a 1/2 yard.  
I have the same problem that Nicole has in the auditioning fabric and sometimes need to reject blocks.  Sometimes, what I do is I download my fabric onto my quilt program and plug the colors in to see what it will look like.  It's all a feel and sometimes, you can't do that or it doesn't look like the picture of the block. 

The cool thing about this Block of the Month is that there are 7 different bloggers working on the blocks and a great variety of fabric.  If you like one of the fabric selection that is featured, you could go with that line and for sure you know it will work out.  All the lines are either current lines or will be in stores soon.  We tried to keep it current so that you guys could use one of our selections. 

For the background, I allow plenty of fabric and add a bit extra so you won't run out.  Also, when you are cutting your background, save the scraps and you can reuse the extra for the next blocks.

Hope this helps and thanks for joining us!  I think I might blog about this question because it's an excellent one and I'm sure others are asking the same thing!  


Keep the questions, comments and pictures coming girls!  Remember, you can post your pictures on flickr under the group Blogger Girls BoM.


Colleen G said…
That is a good quest ion and I guess I was wrestling with it too. I have a fat quarter selection of a line of fabrics that no yardage is available yet. I was shopping for a background neutral but hadn't found anything I liked. With that in mind, I was loath to begin without it as I thought it might be the "tie that binds" so to speak even if I'm using a scrappy collection. Perhaps I'll get lucky and the yardage will become available soon.
shelley said…
Sometimes it's helpful if you can look at the value of the fabric, the tone of the color, ie. light, medium, dark, to help in choosing. Is it possible to print out a copy of the block in black and white to see the different values? I think in the end, especially if you are using a collection of fabric, it will all work out.
Anonymous said…
I recently completed the Craftsy BOM and chose batik fabrics with black as my neutral. I found that I could add fabric indefinitely because there are so many batiks to select from. So my suggestion, is to pick something 'generic' especially if you are a beginning quilter, for example: calicos, dots, 30's era fabric, etc. that way you can always add a new fabric but it will still fit in your quilt.
Deb said…
Could you tell me if the light background and light sashing material are the same in your example? I'd like to get started on mine, but like others I'm unsure of what material I should use. Love your example and I got my rulers in the mail today - THANKS!
Anna Veit said…
I am also a lurking viewer! Just wanted to let you know that I will be joining in with the fun. I think mine will be a blue and white one! Now just have to decide on fabric!
TS said…
I have the same question as Deb at 3:12pm. In your picutre it looks like the light background and light sashing are the same fabrics. But 3 1/4 yards seems like a lot of fabric for the sashing. Thanks!!!! I'm already excited to see next month's :)

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