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It has taken me a long time to formulate how to write this blog.  First, not to worry, I'm still going to be designing and making quilts.

However, after many years of illness and suffering, my husband passed away in March.  We had a terrible fall and winter.  He was re diagnosed with cancer last summer.  Needless to say, my motivation and drive has been almost non-existent. 

Although I am still very sad and miss him terribly, I want to start working and getting back to designing.  One of the things that I have decided is that I need to sell some of my quilts so I can keep making more!  I have lots of quilts and although I use many of them for trunk shows and lectures, I am going to sell those that I'm not using.

This is how it will work.  I will blog about the quilts that I want to sell and if you are interested in purchasing one, contact me by email and we can discuss it.  This will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Once everything is set, I will send you an invoice either through the mail or through PayPal, whichever way you prefer.  I will need to charge shipping and depending where you live, it will change.  I will get you a quote on how much shipping will cost, making sure that it is insured correctly.  Another thing that I am going to offer is a personalized label for you.  We can also discuss this when we make contact.  I can sign the label and make it out to whomever you would like.  One more thing, if I have an extra copy of the magazine, book or pattern that the quilt is published in, I will send a signed copy.  

For more information, please email me at:  info@opengatequilts.com

The first quilts that I'm going to sell are as follows:

"Red Hots"  $400.00 plus shipping.  As seen on the cover of American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2010 issue.  Finished quilt:  60 1/2" x 76 1/2".

"Half & Half" $350.00 plus shipping.  Featured in American Patchwork & Quilting, December, 2010 issue.  Finished quilt:  55" x 70".
"Blue Me Over" $350.00 plus shipping.  Featured in Irish Quilting, Volume 2, Issue 2.  Finished quilt:  59 1/2" x 75 1/2".  (Sorry, I do not have an extra copy of the magazine)

I hope that you can enjoy these quilts as much as I have!


Gerri said…
I am so sorry for your loss. Getting back into quilting sounds like a good idea. They are all so beautiful.
Pat said…
Thinking of you with kind thoughts. I enjoy your quilts,they are beautiful!
A Nudge said…
So sorry for your loss, Monique. I know your DH was a large part of your heart and it will be a long time before it's mended. Keep thinking those happy memories of you both together to set it right again.
Quilty Hugs,
Angie in SoCal
Pat V. said…
Monique, you have my deepest sympathy.
Anonymous said…
Hi Monique - I follow your blog and was hoping to see you post again, but I didn't realize why you were gone. My sincerest sympathy and warm sentiment to recover from your loss. Quilting again will be good therapy and I hope it brings you joy soon.
barbara woods said…
so sorry , know how you feel lost my first husband. Hugs
Barbara Dillard woods

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