Valentine's Day, Super Bowl, & Blogger Girls Block of the Month II Block 2

Happy February!  Think of all the fun things that February brings:

Valentine's Day
Super Bowl

Block #2 for the Blogger Girls Block of the Month II

First, a few people had some questions and comments about the Block of the Month so here they are:

I have had many people thank me for doing the block of the month and appreciate the blocks.  You are more than welcome and I so enjoy doing this!  Also, the other participating bloggers enjoy it too so make sure that you check out their versions.

Nancy asked if I would share the fabrics that I am using.  Of course I will!  The fabric line that I am using is NorthGate Manor fabric line designed by me for Maywood Studio.  If you are interested in this fabric, I know that Denise from Quilter's Window has the whole line. 

Nancy also asked how long the instructions will be up on my website.  I plan on keeping the instructions up for 2 months after the last block and finishing instructions are posted.  Don't worry, I will remind you so you don't miss out.  It's best to print them off right away so you have them and don't forget!

Let me know if you have any further questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Remember how I mentioned that each of the bloggers that participate have contributed a block?  Block 2 was designed by JoAnne from The Patriot Quilter.  Click on this link to go to the Blogger Girls Block of the Month II page for block 2.

This block is made up of flying geese.  The tricky part of Version 1 is the placement of the fabrics.  Make sure that you follow the instructions on where to put your fabrics and you should be fine.  You will be making 8 flying geese.  For the first 4 flying geese, your main background is on the left and the red is on the right with the green in between.  Sew on the one side and then the other, pressing out.

Next, using your Mini Fit to be Geese, trim the flying geese.  Line up the roof top of the ruler on the seam.  Because the flying geese that we are trimming are 2"x 3 1/2" and the ruler is 3 1/2" square, we can trim two sides at once!  Trim the excess.
 Rotate the pieces, line up the cut edge on the 2" x 3 1/2" and trim. 

As you can see, the 4 that we just made are on the bottom of the below picture and you need to make 4 more with the main background on the right, the red on the left and the light replacing the green.  Make 4 the exact same way.  Sew them together in pairs.  Make 4
 Sew the block together in fourths and there you have it, block 2 Version 1!

 Block 2 Version 2:
With Version 2, again, watch your placement of the fabrics for your flying geese.

Don't forget to go to the other participating bloggers for their versions of block 2:

Sherri from A Quilting Life -
JoAnne from  A Patriotic Qulter -
Lissa from Moda Lissa ~
Denise from Quilter’s Window ~
Jodi from Pleasant Home ~

Enjoy Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl, and the Block of the Month!


What a great idea! I am loving seeing the different fabrics the girls are using! And such sweet blocks too!
Bri Loftis said…
Monique this is gorgeous! I didn't have a chance do anything but glance at this in January as I was working a bunch of OT. I can't wait to get started.
Autumn May Dale said…
Well, it's gonna be interesting to celebrate Valentines day and Super Bowl.
Sarah said…
Love this design!
Adrian said…
Nice idea!Love this design.thanks for sharing.


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