PDF's, Craftsy and BOM!

I know that it's a busy time of year for everyone and I am no exception.  I just talked to my friend and told her that I have not left the house since Friday.  What have I been doing?!  Well, I have been working on pdfs, Craftsy and BOM.

First, pdf's.  I decided to add pdf patterns to sell on my website.  My friend, Carrie Nelson hooked me up with a company that sells pdfs.  I have been sitting on the info for a while but decided that this is the time to do it.  So...my first pattern being sold as a pdf is now live!  I decided to go with Tropical Nights.  It's a new pattern from Spring Market.  It's a popular pattern and fun to make.  Here is a picture of it.  I will keep you posted on the additions as I make them.
Second, Craftsy.  It looks like my class, Flying Fat Quarters is going well.  I'm so thrilled with it!  I check every day to answer any questions that students may have.  Don't forget that if you sign up through my blog, Facebook page or website, you get 25% off.  It's a great Christmas gift for a friend or yourself! 

Flying Fat Quarters 25% off

Lastly, Block of the Month.  Yes, I am running another block of the month starting January 1st.  So, I have been busy working on my blocks and writing instructions.  I am using my latest fabric line, Northgate Manor in the red, cream and green colorway.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabrics.  I don't know what the other bloggers will be using but you can bet that they will come up with some stunning quilts!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week!


Judy said…
Looking forward to your block of the month. Will you be giving out yardage requirements before January 1st?
KMSC said…
You've been a busy lady but how lucky you are to busy with quilting! Looking forward to your new BOM.
JoAnne said…
I'm so excited about the upcoming BOM, plus I just finished the Craftsy class and it was great. Congratulations!
Bouts Choisis said…
I'm very happy (here in France) to see more and more designers offering PDF patterns (I've already bought quite a few from Carrie.) There's no waiting for it to arrive, no crazy shipping charges and no feeling that one should buy lots to get best value by filling the envelope! Just one at a time is fine if that is what suits! That means I'm actually likely to buy more over all! Looking forward to the next BOM too.

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