Best Laid Plans...Step 4 - Finishing!

Yay!  We are almost done with Best Laid Plans... The fourth and final installment is on my website.  You can click here:  Best Laid Plans...Step 4.

Here is the picture of the finished quilt. 

A couple of things to remember:

Make sure that the four-patches in the blocks are oriented correctly.  It is very easy to twist the block around. 
Also, watch the sashing pieces so that they are in the correct spot.  Placing the ones that go on the sides of the blocks at the top and bottom is very easy to do.

And, lastly, quilt, bind and enjoy!!

Thanks for joining me for Best Laid Plans...I hope you enjoyed it.

One more thing, look for our next free block of the month starting January 1st, 2014!


Maryjo said…
Thank you so much for Best Laid Plans!Your directions were so well written..I appreciate all the work that you have put into this for all of us! Merry Christmas:)

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