Sewing with friends

Nothing better than sewing with friends!  Remember I told you that we were getting together to work on the Peppermint Wreaths table topper?  Well, we did get together and worked on it.  Sue had everything cut out and we just had to sew.  Of course, there was much eating, chatting and laughing as we worked.  Here is one of our snacks, chocolate peanuts...yum!
 And, we finally got some sewing done.  Here are my pinwheels and starting to put a section together.  We will continue later this week. 

Remember Fields of Green?  It was a quilt I designed that was featured in Irish Quilting.  Joyce helped me remake it with Royal Gardens fabric.  Here is a picture of it. 

Will keep you up to date on Peppermint Wreaths and other exciting things I am working on!  Have a great week!


Colleen said…
Hi Monique,

A friend and I were looking for a BOM to do together and she found your blog. We are excited to be joining in! I clicked on the link for the Block 1 instructions (I can see the sewing pixs), but I get no cutting directions -- it just goes to another page.

Could you check this out and let me know if it's just "operator error" or if there is a problem with the link.

Thanks so much!

Colleen Spicher
Colleen said…
Ignore my comment -- it was operator error. Usually the hyperlinks show up darker, but this one just blended in and my eyes failed to see it!

Can't wait!

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