Where did January go?

Do you remember when you were a kid and the days seemed to last forever?  You would be playing and it seemed like hours went by and it was only 15 minutes?  Don't you wish that would happen again?!  It seems that the older you get, the faster life goes.  Even the unpleasant things go by fast (I'm certainly not complaining about that!) but it's unbelievable how time flies.

January is a big blur for me.  I still have my Christmas decorations up so this blog isn't the only thing that has been neglected!  I actually really like my Christmas decorations.  I have several quilts that I love to keep up and I have a great collection of Santas.  Can you see why I like them up longer than a month?  I am planning on taking them down soon!

One thing that is really hard to neglect is Tillie.  We have had a really mild winter here and have only had 3 snow falls.  The problem is that once it melts, our back yard turns into a mud bath.  We are constantly wiping Tillie's paws and trying to keep her off the furniture.  Fun times with Miss Tillie!  I will be happy when the ground dries out.  The good news is that it's been warm enough to take her for a walk.  She is much calmer after the walk and will actually sleep!  Not a usual occurrence for my sweet little Old English Sheepdog!

Did you get your latest American Patchwork & Quilting magazine?  Remember, I've designed a mystery quilt for them.  The latest block is included in the magazine in the form of a pillow case.  Remember to check on Elizabeth's blog for the latest installment.

Thanks for tuning in and will talk to you soon!


Anonymous said…
Hi Monique. Time certainly does fly. While I did manage to get all of my Christmas decorations put away, there are so many other things that I haven't done. I am way behind on my crafting and really don't have a good excuse.

Tillie looks very happy so I imagine she is enjoying her walks!

Have a great week.
Lisa D. said…
I love your santa decorations and quilts. I'd leave them up a big longer too! That Tillie - she's adorable!

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