Happy Holiday!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!  For those in Canada, Happy Canada Day!  For those in the USA, Happy Independence Day!  For the rest of the world, enjoy the weekend!  I am fortunate to have both the 1st of July and the 4th of July off.  Friday is my day off from my day job and Monday is a holiday here.  I am going to spend the time with Bill, Tillie and Maple.  I'm sure that most of it will be with Tillie!  She has been very restless because I have been gone so much.  Like Bill says, I'm her playmate.  She waits for me to come home and entertain her.  The weather has been fairly decent the past few days so I've been able to take her for a walk at night and throw the ball for her.  She is thrilled with all the exercise!
Her hair is starting to grow a bit.  She doesn't look as much like a drowned rat or does she?!  Here she is:
Remember when I told you that I was going to sew on my red and cream quilt this past weekend?  Well, actually, I didn't.  I cut it out but didn't piece it.  I did get this wonderful purse done.  It's called Margo Handbag from Lazy Girl Designs and it has the best pockets inside.  I really like it too because it has a zipper to keep everything inside. 

I also worked on my project for the blog hop next week.  I just love it!  Here is a sneak peak at what
I'm doing. 
Are they the cutest little things?  They are 2" unfinished and I trimmed them using my Fit to be Quarter ruler. 
I think I'm going to try and quilt it myself.  I'd love to give it to any one of my quilters but it's small enough that I can do it myself.

Don't forget to come back Monday to start our blog tour.  It promises to be lots of fun with great giveaways, projects and some other surprises! 

See you Monday!


Candace said…
Looks like Tillie is beginning to enjoy her new haircut! I love the colorway you did your Margo bag in, Monique - I've made two for friends - it's a fun and practical bag! Love those little QST's! Have a great time off!
Carrie P. said…
YOur pup looks adorable with its new hair cut.
I had Schnauzers and would let their hair growing during winter. They looked like bears but come summer I shaved them really closed and they looked so different.

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