Juicy Cactus

Have you got your Juicy Cactus kit yet?  It's on Craftsy.com and has been selling really well.  People seem to love it.  I designed the quilt using Crafty's new fabric, Boundless Fabrics.  Their Aura Blenders collection.  Here is Juicy Cactus:

I love the gradation of color.  When I made it, I used the Tri-Recs Tool by Darlene Zimmerman and my Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion Rulers.  It made it so much easier!

Let me know what you think of Juicy Cactus.  Thanks for stopping by!


Laura Shears said…
I'm making "Juicy Cactus" and having a bit of problem with the triangle-rectangles. What is the finished size of that patch supposed to be?
Thanks, Laura S.
Larissa McGee said…
I can not seem to get the triangle rectangles to work. I'm not sure if I'm sewing them improperly or if the finished size is j correct. Any help would be amazing!
Toni Milleret said…
I love this quilt but my finished blocks were never the ten and one half inches specified in the pattern. I had trouble with the triangle rectangles too. I'm going to try this quilt again using up Christmas material leftovers. This time I'm going to cut 5 inch strips and then from these use the Tri-Recs tool to cut out 3inch triangles. Once my triangles are stitched I can trim them down to the 4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch rectangles called for as the finished size.

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