Juicy Cactus

Have you got your Juicy Cactus kit yet?  It's on Craftsy.com and has been selling really well.  People seem to love it.  I designed the quilt using Crafty's new fabric, Boundless Fabrics.  Their Aura Blenders collection.  Here is Juicy Cactus:

I love the gradation of color.  When I made it, I used the Tri-Recs Tool by Darlene Zimmerman and my Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion Rulers.  It made it so much easier!

Let me know what you think of Juicy Cactus.  Thanks for stopping by!


Laura Shears said…
I'm making "Juicy Cactus" and having a bit of problem with the triangle-rectangles. What is the finished size of that patch supposed to be?
Thanks, Laura S.
Larissa McGee said…
I can not seem to get the triangle rectangles to work. I'm not sure if I'm sewing them improperly or if the finished size is j correct. Any help would be amazing!
Toni Milleret said…
I love this quilt but my finished blocks were never the ten and one half inches specified in the pattern. I had trouble with the triangle rectangles too. I'm going to try this quilt again using up Christmas material leftovers. This time I'm going to cut 5 inch strips and then from these use the Tri-Recs tool to cut out 3inch triangles. Once my triangles are stitched I can trim them down to the 4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch rectangles called for as the finished size.
Unknown said…
For those of you having difficulty with the shapes made with the Tri Recs tool let me tell you why........
The Tri Recs tool is a precision drafted tool that REQUIRES you to do all your steps absolutely perfectly in order to end up with a precision shape. That means you must cut perfectly, position perfectly, stitch perfectly and press perfectly. Well we all know how that is working out. But there is a solution you may want to investigate. It's called the "Split Rects" tool by Studio 180 Design. This tool allows you to easily cut the elongated triangles out of strips (just like the Tri Recs) but the shapes will be slightly oversized which means you can then work through the positioning, stitching and pressing without any stress and end up with units slightly bigger than they need to be. You will then use the other side of the same tool to quickly, easily and accurately trim all you blocks to an exact size. And there are 8 sizes on one tool. You can see a free online video tutorial of the Split Rects by visiting Studio180Design.net. It really is a better mouse trap!!!
Melissa Breeding said…
I am having same problem and am distressed because cut all this fabric as per instructions. You cannot square something to same size you cut it because of the quarter inch seam. Now what do I do to Monique Dillard! Live this pattern!!
Hi Girls!

The finished size of the pieces are 2" x 4", not 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" which is the unfinished size. When you are using the Tri Recs or templates, you need to be careful on how you piece the angle but it does work. If you take the suggestion above about the Split Rects ruler, you oversize and trim down. It's a great method.

No worries Melissa! It will work, just use a scant 1/4" and sew a few with some other scrap material to test it out.

Hope this helps!

Melissa Breeding said…
Yeah!!! Ok then, THAT was not stated in the pattern instructions! Just thanks. I am watching how I place the tri recs ruler and was practicing on other scraps first. Just when I got to part that clearly says "square to 2 1/2 x 4 1/2" I TOOK that to be the "finished" size!!!
I will move onward and forward then !!! It just didn't say that and I am rather a new quilter so I did not already assume or know that. But when I "looked" at the paper and measured the piece templates that is what I thought!!
Yeah Me! Not as dumb as I thought I was. Mother is smiling down on me from above!
LOVE all your patterns!!!

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