French Connection Sew Along - Week 4

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to get the last instructions for the sew along.  Click here to get the final instructions.

You know when they say that you should move every 10 years so you can weed out all your stuff?  Well, I am totally agreeing with whoever "they" are!  I am moving after being in the same home for 25 years.  I have accumulated a lot of great stuff but when you move, it doesn't feel so great!  So, this is what I've been doing for the past few weeks instead of sewing the final steps of the French Connection Sew Along.

I hope that you understand and thank goodness for Celine!  She has finished her quilt and it looks fabulous.  Check it out on her blog:

Now, back to packing...


Denise said…
I hear ya! We are moving from our home of 21 years this week. WOW! What an ordeal! I too am weeding a lot of stuff that I didn't think I could live without. Can't wait to get it all unpacked and my sewing room organized!
Good luck to you!
I totally understand you. Moving last year from the flat I was living for 6 years was a great disaster for me. I had so much unneeded stuff but it was such a tragedy to throw it away.

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