Best Laid Plans...Month 2

Are you ready for Month 2?  We actually get to start sewing!  Get your Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion we go.  To download your instructions, click the link:  Best Laid Plans...Step 2. 

The first thing you do is make four-patches out of your main light and your dark fat quarters.

 Using your Fit to be Quarter Companion, line up the 4 1/2" lines on the ruler, and trim to 2 top pieces off. 

Sew a triangle cut from a 3 1/4" square of dark to the first side, press out.  Sew a second triangle cut from a 3 1/4" square of dark to the other side.  Press out. 

 Trim the piece by lining up the 4 1/2" on the bottom and the left side.  Trim the excess.
 Rotate the piece and line the piece up on the 4 1/2" lines of the ruler.  Trim.
With the 4-patch, the companion pieces and 4 - 4 1/2" squares of main light, sew your block in rows. 
 Sew the block together, press and square to 9 1/2".  Make 12 and you are ready for November 1st!
Hope everyone has been doing well.  It has been busy here, getting ready for Market and a few other things that I can tell you about soon. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you!  Take care and hope you have a good week!


mascanlon said…
Can't wait to try this technique...they look perfect!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will this be the only ruler I will need for this quilt? I would like to order it but want to ck first if there will be any other ruler needed. Thank you.
Nancy said…
I could not download the instructions. Am I doing something wrong.
Anonymous said…
Cannot download the instructions. I think the words "Best Laid Plans Step 2" need to be highlighted or something by you (Open Gate). Thank you. Will check back to see if this is corrected.
Bri Loftis said…
This quilt is so pretty! And the instructions look really easy! For those that can't find the link, click on the 'Best Laid Plans... Quilt Along" on the right side of the Blog page and go to that blog. You'll see the links there. The website is

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