Quilts, Tillie and Fall

These are three of my favorite things! 

First, Quilts.  As you know, designing quilts, fabric, and rulers is my business but after all this time, I still love to make quilts.  I love to choose the fabric and contemplate for hours (sometimes days) which fabrics to use, where they will go, how it will look.  Once the fabric is chosen, then my other favorite part, cutting.  I think it's the mathematician in me, the preciseness of the cutting, the neat shapes.  Then the piecing is both therapeutic and enjoyable.  I love to sit, listen to my music and piece.  The emergence of the blocks and the secondary designs when the blocks are put together is fabulous.  Once the quilt top is put together, borders are on (not my favorite but an important but not always necessary part), then it's time to send it to the quilter.  I must confess, by the time the borders are put on, I'm a little tired of looking at the quilt.  I think it's because you focus so hard on the quilt, putting everything into it.  But then once the quilt is back from the quilter, I am in love again and can't wait to get the binding on!  How could anyone not love to quilt?!
Here are a few projects that I have been working on:

 Spinner - New red and cream quilt - on website soon.
Stars All Around Us - new pattern using Memories of Provence

Second, Tillie!  When we first got Tillie, I was unsure if we did the right thing.  Don't get me wrong, I loved her instantly but between Maple, Bill, my busy schedule, who has time for an energetic and mischievous puppy?  I didn't but I made sure that I had time for her.  I was used to my calm, sweet Glory that ate, went for walks, slept and hung out.  We then got this totally opposite puppy, Tillie.  She never sleeps, unless I am, runs instead of walks, wants to play instead of hanging out and is not too big on food.  After having her for 11 months, I am totally in love.  She has such a great personality.  She will grab a napkin (one of her favorite things to chew), look at me and sneak away.  If I catch her, she stands there with her head down and lets me take it out of her mouth.  Of course, I scold her and right after that, she jumps on my lap and gives me kisses...how can I not love her?  Here are some new pictures of her:

Third, Fall.  It's no secret that I dislike the hot weather.  To me, fall is perfect.  It's cooler, generally sunny and it's so pretty out.  I have been taking Tillie for a walk when it doesn't rain and we have this wonderful subdivision within walking distance from our house.  It's called the Maplewood subdivision.  There are maple trees everywhere and they are just starting to turn.  Beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows are in abundance.  I'm so glad that I am walking through there and not having to rake all those leaves up!  I have often thought about living there but you should see when the leaves start to fall!  Crazy piles of leaves everywhere.  Here are some pictures of the wonderful trees:

Hope everyone enjoys their quilts, Tillie's and falls as much as I do!


Tillie is just too cute!!! And I love the beautiful fall pictures.
Anonymous said…
Ooooo, I really like your Spinner quilt, Tillie is just too darn adorable! Thanks for sharing the fall pictures. Being in south FL, I'm do not have such beautiful scenery.
Thelma said…
Monique, I just love your new patterns, you sure can crank them out, when do you sleep! Tillie is looking so sweet with her hair a little longer, the cuter the dog the harder it is to make them mind, I sure couldn't scold that adorable face!
Beautiful quilts Monique! And Tlllie is just adorable! :)
Candace said…
Seems we quilters have a lot in common, Monique! Your two new quilts are gorgeous! So is Tillie - you can just see the love she has for you in her eyes! We're really looking forward to having a dog soon! Oh, and Fall - certainly my favorite time of year! Your maple tree photos are wonderful! They remind me of the street I grew up on - Maplewood Drive!
Carrie said…
ROFL!!! Glory was a sweetheart but everybody needs a little scamp in their life. :)

The quilts are gorgeous. And so is Memories of Provence ~ absolutely stunning.

And thank you for the pictures of the leaves. I bet Tillie would have some fun running through those big piles of leaves.

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