Tillie Update

Thelma left a comment that she was ready for some new pictures of Tillie.  I told her that I would post some new pictures of her and her latest mischief!  Her hair has grown and it's about 1" long right now.  She is looking much cuter and knows it!  She gives me that look like I can do anything and you will forgive me, right!?!  Well, look at this:

She decided that she is going to dig holes all over the yard.  She dug a trench behind the day lillies and Bill put up a fence to keep her out of it.  Now, she has started on another part of the yard.  The good news is that she isn't digging to get out.  She's digging because she likes to dig.  While I was at work yesterday, Bill let her out and she wouldn't come in for 2 1/2 hours.  She was working on her masterpiece!  Bill was not too happy at this and I heard about it as soon as I walked in the house.  He is going to work on her training!

Does anyone have any suggestions about preventing her from digging.  We have never had a sheepdog like her.  She has been a challenge.  We love her but she definitely has her own agenda!

Will have some more pictures of the Countdown to Christmas quilt soon!


She is so cute! No ideas as to how to keep her from digging other than long, long walks. That seems to be the answer to everything on the Dog Whisperer.
Nicole said…
Oooh, we had an Airedale who was a digger and it drove my husband out of his mind. He only seemed to dig when it was super hot out. He would find a cool spot right next to the house in the shade and dig himself a big old trench to lie in. Bad bad bad. We would shame him when he started to dig, if we caught him in the act, and that seemed to help. Dogs DO have a conscience!
icemaiden316 said…
We have had numerous dogs and they all would dig in the same spot in the garden, we have no idea why, but every dog we have had has dug in that same spot. How did we stop it happening? We built a Patio over the spot and they haven't even attempted to dig the garden since. I know you can't very well go putting Patios all over the place, but it's what worked for us, lol

Candace said…
I agree with Nicole - I think they dig because the ground is cool! We see squirrels and birds all over our yard rolling around in the dirt! Or maybe Tillie is just trying to tell you she's a unique and smart canine!
Thelma said…
That Tillie sure is a bundle of energy, if she's too tired to dig she won't dig, maybe up her daily exercise. Now that her hair is short does she let you brush her? Isn't it fun how each dog has its own personality? You have no idea what you're bringing home, you just have to adjust to them!

She looks great with a little hair on her, a nice summer do!
Barbara said…
Our current OES, Martha, is our third OES. Our first was a crater digger. Our yard was dangerous to walk. Vet claimed they liked the cool dirt to sit in. She only dug in the summer. We did mix black pepper with the dirt as we filled in each hole and she never went back to it. If you can catch her in the act, it is easier to stop. They stop on their own as they grow older.She did not dig her second summer. Our newest puppy dug one hole and the pepper cured her. Hope this helps.
Jeanne said…
How could anyone be mad at that adorable face! I wouldn't be laughing if it was my yard, but your post did make be giggle. I hope the training helps.
BuggletQuilts said…
I know it's a question from ages ago,but I'm just catching up. My OES's were never diggers, but my Huskies sure are! We put dog doo in the holes and they leave them alone. Eventually they just give up starting new ones

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