Book Tour

Well, it's been a week since I received my copy of the book and it still feels awesome to have it!  I never knew how much I would like it.  I was teasing my brother, who always brings me back to earth - like brothers tend to do, about my "manuscript" and that I wrote a non-fiction book.  He put me right back in my place!  Thanks, Mike!!  He also calls me a "Mathlete".  I will take that as a compliment!

Meanwhile, my wonderful friends, Nicole, Thelma and Lisa are doing a blog book tour for Fat Quarter Winners!  Yeah!!  How it will work is that it will start next week and each of us has a day to show our progress, work on different techniques and blog about the tour.  We are all doing different quilts for the tour so you can see how the original looks compared to the new quilts that we make.  There will also be drawings for give-aways so make sure you check out each blog.  I have been auditioning fabrics for my quilt and think I have it narrowed down.  Will have the decision for you next week.

This is one of the quilts in Fat Quarter Winners.  The books should arrive very soon.  To pre-order, click here

Hearts from Fat Quarter Winners

Tillie is doing great!  She is growing like crazy and has a wonderful personality!  I was a bit worried when we got her but she has really grown into a great puppy.  Her latest thing is she likes to run beside the fence chasing after cars as they go down the street.  It's okay in the yard but I'm a little worried when we go for walks.  We are working on her not doing that.  Maple has been walking a short bit with us and I'm trying to have Tillie follow Maple's good walking behavior.  So far, no go.  Tillie is much better by herself because it's easier to control her.  Two big dogs is a riot to walk.  The neighbors must be very entertained!!

Can't wait to show you the quilts that we are working on.  Tune in next week for the tour to start.


Nicole said…
Hope to get in some quality sewing time this weekend! I am loving my blocks that are finished so far.
Strlady said…
I'm looking forward to the blog tour. I am wanting to get a peek at the projects in the books. I'm sure they will be yummy! Thanks!
Carrie said…
I remember seeing you walk Maple and Glory... or rather, they were walking (towing? dragging?) you. It was pretty funny... though I expect it was only funny from my side of the leash. :)

Waiting for your book... I feel a little like I'm in the commercial where the lady is standing outside the store in the middle of the night saying "Open. Open. Open."

But the wait will be worth it. I just know it. :)
ytsmom said…
I love the theme of your book! I grew up playing cards, so this is just a natural for me.

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